Bo’ville poster – early 90’s

supplied by John Winch

John Winch… Bo’ville poster about 91-92. Members – J.Winch, Kenny Comfort, Kevin Watson. The curly haired guitarist was a temporary person called Mark Wright.

David Betts… Hi Johnny, are you still playing? Remember the Sidley new Inn folk club, you and Brian Golbey, those were the days.

Martin Stringer… Crikey Johnny Winch. Hello mate, how are ya.

John Winch… Hi Dave, yes I remember Sidley folk club well – super gig. Made a lot of new friends back then. Martin Stringer, you old hairdresser and song writer you. I remember you turning up to an Andy Bannister’s 4 A.M. gig in Nuremberg without your teeth once – lot of street cred’ that. Good to hear your still around. We all belong to the ‘good ol’ boys’ now – never thought about this back then. Yes, truly good fun days and masses of Hastings music. What happened to Jeff the mandolin player from the ‘Wobbly Hellbellies’ or whatever the band was called? Thay had a radio hit didn’t they once? Remember you all doing a great set in the Jenny Lind but sadly a very thin audience.

Martin Stringer… Hi John. Great to hear from you. Still going strong. I was never a hairdresser old mate. I don’t play anymore. I perform as a Mentalist across Europe not now of course Corona stopped all that. Yes Jeff is still around. The hit was “Two pints of lager and a packet of crisp please”. I mainly live in Ireland, but have other homes around Europe but can’t get to them at the moment. Hope you’re in good shape.

Alan King… what was Mark Wright when he wasn’t being ‘a temporary person’ ? bit like an occasional table

John Winch… Mark Wright ( certainly not a temporary person – sorry about that) was a good friend of mine, a fine maker of teeth, and a very fine guitarist. Mark was also a great friend of Jack Peach the well known jazz drummer who played with different bands in places such as the Palace Bars during the 80s and 90s. I also met and played with Jack on a few occasions and believe he also played with some very famous jazz personalities during his carreer. Jack’s son, a fine bassist, was a member of Ian Dury’s band at some time or other.

John Winch… Hi Martin. Also good to hear you are still here and busy by the sounds of it. Sorry about accusing you of once being a hairdresser – no idea where I got that from. Maybe we’d had a few beers when that was mentioned or, maybe it wasn’t mentioned at all but we’d still had a few beers.