Cotton reel elastic band toy


Sue Stopps… I’ve still got the one my Dad made for me, all those years ago!

Stephen Milner… Yes made these

Andrew Bantock… Featured in a Ladybird book

Ken Hatch… The design for these came from a Ladybird Book if I remember correctly. Sunday evenings craft making

David Francis… My favourite ladybird book

Martin Richter… David, first thing that came to mind

Ian Quinnell… Made lots of these as a kid. Guess they’re not cool toys these days – no batteries or aggravating noises

Jim Peckham… I remember making them

Jan Warren… Brilliant, simple little toy, my Dad and brothers made loads of them!

John Wilde… I made a few

Fred Marsh… Oh wow forgot about those

Phil Thornton… I remember making these !!!

Nick Shute… I remember this being demonstrated by Fred Dinage on How?…

Mike Waghorne… Remember making those tanks !

Lyn Humphrey… Kids today don’t know what they’re missing–me & my old mate Jem (aged about 8) competed to make the best all-terrain cotton reel. I shall forward this to him forthwith!

Tracy Birrell… My Dad used to make me these.

Neil Steadman… A Tank..!