Eddie & The Hot Rods and Kieran White – Saturday, 17th April 1976 Hastings Pier



poster and ads supplied by Pete Fairless – Bands On Hastings Pier Facebook page. Kieran White photo taken on the pier by Clive Richardson

Pete Fairless… Not sure if this was their first visit, certainly, the first time I saw them… a mere 50p, what a bargain!

Alan Esdaile… Did they play the pier 3 times Pete or more?

Pete Fairless… Yes, 17th April and 17th July 1976, 18th March 1978, on my list. They didn’t play in 1977 , the year they had a big hit with ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ and toured the US. Also, it was the year when the pier hosted The Stranglers, The Clash, The Jam, The Damned, The Adverts… Perhaps, they might have been seen as too ‘popular’?

Nigel Ford… Was at both ’76 gigs to see Barry cart-wheeling across the stage in between singing and bought their TEENAGE DEPRESSION album after the first gig which I’ve played tracks from on Hastings Rock: “Get across to you” & “Double checkin’ woman” from memory? though I think the deck slipped and I had to cut one short…. Dammit! Great to see them again last September too at the BIG GREEN CARDIGAN event.

Pete Fairless… Ah, yes, and Judas Priest on the 23rd. That was a good gig, too!

Virginia Davis… Those were the days. 50p a ticket and no added booking fees!!

Wesley Magoogan… He came on pretending to have only one arm

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them at the de la warr in bexhill, the Naughty Rythmns tour. Also on that night were John Otway, Dr Feelgood and The Hamsters. 1999 I think.

Peter Fairless… Barrie was such a genuine guy, always had time for the Facebook group. He remembered the pier gigs…


Mick Mepham & Kieran White (from Steamhammer) August 1978.




photos and press release supplied by Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson… performing tracks from Kierans album Open Door and jamming.

Terry Huggins… That’s the photo Mepham showed me. I thought it was his teeth, but it’s really a fag.

Andy Qunta… Excellent! Loved Steamhammer & Kieran White! Mick Mepham is fab too!

Mick Mepham… Cheers Andy!!!

Peter Fairless… Speakeasy in Kings Road?

Alan Esdaile… No Pete, it was in the building opposite the pier (now flats) that was a student office and the club was in the basement. At one time it was an information office.

Mick Mepham… There are some DL pix from gigs in there Pete. The artwork on the walls was excellent.