Billy J Kramer – Kings Eastbourne 25th June 1977

photo Billy J Kramer 1965 Imperial Records Ad

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Carlo Santana?? Was that before he became Carlos?!

Alan Esdaile… I thought what! Carlos Santana when I first read this Leigh. Then found out Carlo Santana used to be in Paper Lace.

Mick O’Dowd… He is billed as a “top vocal entertainer”

Lyn Whiteman… I was there! Worked as a waitress at Kings back then and allowed to stay at watch the acts!

Joe Knight… Saw him at falaise hall about 81/82

1ST Emotion at Kings Country Club Eastbourne around 1973.


supplied by Barry French.

Cliff Wootton, Barry French, Jenny Kebel and Den Wootton.

Colin Fox… This must be the old Kings before they built the upstairs.

Lawrie Broadway… I think your right Colin ,l played on that stage quite a few times through the years.

Tony Ball… I remember it well