Kleenex to ditch Mansize tissues due to gender inequality complaints

Robert Searle… Gets worse

Keith Blizard… What a load of nonsense

Fiona Evans… I’m fed up having to hear about all this gender crap.

Allyson Breeds… It’s just a name change. Who cares what you blow your nose into.

Reginald Hogg… I think today’s women are aski’n for to much…….if they want to be like that then maybe we should say that women’s cloths shops should be banned to

Malcolm Sharp… Yorkie bars its for men only, loads of complaints..changed, insurance for women only, no complaints, and on wright show talking women only parking spots

Allyson Breeds… women only car insurance was banned in the EU in 2011 “In March 2011, a European Court of Justice ruling stated that price discrimination based on gender breaches EU rules on equality” based on complaints. Does it really matter though? 🙂 Kleenex are changing the name of a brand because they have worked out that it will make them more money, its simple marketing.

Mark Mackenzie… I think the PC brigade should all go and purchase a large box of PANTY LINERS.

Pauline Richards… Struth. Whatever next!!!

Fiona Evans… Person’s Own/Weekly !!!

Reginald Hogg… Women’s weekly ? Father’s day…Mother’s day…Parent’s day ?

Pauline Richards… what about ‘man handling’

Glenn Piper… This just gets more and more ridiculous

Mick O’Dowd… What next? Tena Lady!

Will Cornell… Real men with real noses use paper towels anyway.

Reginald Hogg… Use a hankie

Matt Thomas…  or a sleeve

Mike Tobin… Why waste money on tissues when there is a constant supply of free serviettes at every coffee stop / motorway services / takeaway ?

Dave Nattress… You know what…I’m sometimes at peace that I’m nearer the “Out” door than the “In” with all this stupidity going on. I mean thankfully it’s been a great life, very lucky, but all this, just absurd. Anyone else fed up with hearing about this thing called “Brexit” – for God’s sake, half the world’s hungry and lives in a tent if they’re lucky, no clean water, no sanitation, no nourishing food and we waste zillions on this Brexit crap. Anyone got a clue what the United Nations does? A word they need to learn “priorities”. I can see what sort of mood I’m in tonight!! I need some musical violence to match the mood – “Won’t get fooled again” will go on in a minute and super loud!!