Battle Memorial Hall – 1970. She Trinity, Martyn James Expression, Couriers, Sunny Jay Breed, BB James Express, Krishna Kudu, Embers and Genesis Creation.

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Alan Esdaile… I remember seeing She Trinity and supporting Martyn James Expression.

Nigel Ford… Roy was telling me they had a huge heavy piano or Hammond organ that they needed lots of hands to help get it down the stairs and up onto the stage. (before the lift was there and that wouldn’t have been big enough) I was there later for the gig and most other weeks too.

Andy Knight… Not at this gig but saw MJ Expression, I was in Material Sunlight Expression about that time.

Alan Esdaile… Andy, don’t remember Material Sunlight Expression. Who was in the band?

Andy Knight… Bit vague Alan but we rehearsed at Chris Dann’s house so Chris on Bass, me on drums but can’t remember who was on guitar