The Grenadier Casino Club and The Dolphin Ballroom and Langney Motors – outside 60’s

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

John David Martin… My mum worked there, the owner was Don Smith

Graham Bradley… you are right John, Don was a great guy, he also had the other club in Priory Meadow.

John David Martin… Graham, he first opened Dennies

Graham Bradley… John, also had The Ridge Club with John Hails

Beki Milton… They’re funny looking arm chairs aren’t they

Kevin White… Beki, funny looking cars too!

John Warner… You forgot the Witchdoctor!!

Sophie Ash… Flagpole still in place – there are four deco-styled flagpole holders on the building. All are still there.

Pauline Richards… Yeah The Witch Doctor with those coloured floor lights that made some clothes see through!!

John Warner… Now she tells me!

Robert Searle… And Cobweb

Simon Fraser… And Aquarius!

Peter Millington… No Simon, the Aquarius was in the Old Town! Then converted into Saturdays.

Pete Houghton… I remember those days.And the old Cobweb night Club

John David Martin… Don Smith was involved with the Aquarius as well remember all the top bands played there