It’s Cool Man – New Album by Phil Little. 2015


It’s Cool Man is the new album by Latin drummer and live music campaigner, Phil Little. Born in Widnes, Lancashire, Phil has been playing drums since childhood and has enjoyed performing live in a wide variety of bands for almost fifty years including playing at Liverpool’s The Cavern Club in 1969. In the seventies and eighties Phil was a well known drummer on London’s busy live music scene before ending up in Hastings. In 1993 Phil founded the Live Music Forum which became the principle pressure group for live music in the UK and made a great contribution to the Live Music Act 2012, which made it easier to put on live music in England and Wales than it had been for a hundred years.

Phil plays all the instruments on this album, including drums, percussion and guitars. Except for, Barry Jones – Bass on Mozambique Tom, Yambuitar, Conga Santiago and Breakout. Mick Bolton Vocals and Organ on Conga Santiago for which he also wrote the words.

Alan Esdaile… This is rather good. Well done Phil.