Lazybones Disco 1976 and Police Ball.



Anyone remember Lazybones?

Peter Fairless… Which one was that, under the Queens?

Jim Breeds… That rings a distant bell … was it under Queens Hotel?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Pete and Jim, trying to remember the chain of different names, was it The Flying Machine at one time? Bonitas, Emmas etc.

Chris Giles… Bonitas I remember chicken and chips on a Sunday Eve

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Chris! You just reminded me of the smell and the greasy taste. I feel sick!

Jane Hartley… Bonitas, Lazybones, Queen of Clubs, JRs.

Virginia Davis… That brings back memories

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed!

Jim Breeds…  Bonitas I could have volunteered as a name but Lazybones had gone from the memory until now!  Gosh yes. Chicken in the basket wasn’t it? And Scampi too, probably!  lol.

Chris Giles… Yep it was in a basket.

Jon McCallion… We played at bonitas after recording fooling around the same night I think.

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t forget cockroaches in a basket at Bonitas.

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Lazybones Disco Harold Place Hastings with James Casner

 poster from:  Danny Rickaby

Simon Falla… That’s the poster I designed for our opening run in 1976 (mostly hand drawn – no PhotoShop in ’76)! Punters not allowed to go up to the bar in those days, hence waitress service. I joined the Queens Hotel mid-Dec ’75 after the management closed ‘Bonitas’ due too the high levels of violence. I got the amazing brief to create a new-look disco that’d be classy and less trouble…..mmm. Was given the services of the hotel carpenter and electrician and a budget of (I think) £2000 – seemed like a fortune at the time. Opened as Lazybones the following March after a big (but fairly amateur) makeover. This included stripping crappy carpets out of the then defunct Alexandria Hotel and laying them on the newly constructed raised seating tiers we made. We also made our own ‘sound to light’ setup – very jazzy in 1976! And we built the raided DJ enclosure with a commanding view over the 1930’s ballroom dance floor. The name was inspired by the font in the headline of the poster – lazybones. I can never hear Go Now by the Moody Blues without thinking of Jim Hobbs’ (James Casner) final track of the night and the cleaning lights going on. Blimey – brings back great memories. Who else remembers it? Anyone out there reading this work there with me in ’76/77?

Claire Triance… I have this poster was a gr8 club, they used to have go go dancers, used go there around 1976 to 77, was underage actually met my x husband there and he was there with you that night august 77 Danny Rickerby

Bonita’s Disco at Christmas and the ever changing names


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Alan Esdaile…Anyone remember the chicken & chips in a basket?

Leigh Wieland-Boys….Oh yes! Tried eating the green napkin, in my inebriated state thought it was lettuce! Happy days

Nicola Dobson….Yes I remember very well used to go.there a lot!

Jim Hobbs….Yes indeed, the chicken & chips were (as I recall) a requirement of the dumb licensing laws of the day. The club floor would become slippery because of the discarded food, lol. Happy days where my DJ career began all those years ago.

Mick Knights….Did anyone succeed in gaining entry via the Queens bar toilets, I tried a couple of times but was always intercepted by a particularly large bouncer!

Mick O’Dowd…..Certainly do! Or was it cockroach and chips in a basket. Not bad at 60p though. Had some great nights here when I took over from Colin Bell

Andre Martin….Jim – the trouble was, the gravy used to run thro the weave in the basket and go everywhere – lol. alternatives to chicken, I remember at “The Garden” in Penzance where I gigged many times in the 70s, the alternative was a proper Cornish Pasty as the bar snack, these were enormous, the filling was true to the proper pasty, the crimped edge, if thrown, was known to decapitate a punter at 50 ft !! – Happy Days.

Tony Court-holmes…..forgot about there

Jim Breeds….I went to the disco under Queen’s Hotel several times in the mid 70s. I don’t remember it being called Bonita’s though – did it have a name change? (Memory banks failing).

Redstar Richter….lol – a *million* name changes!

Yvonne Cleland….I’m sure I remember it being called ‘Underground’ – or something like – after Bonitas. Before Emmas/Lazybones. Of course, I’ve lost a couple of brain cells since those days……….

Alan Esdaile….t was called ‘Emmas’ and I think ‘Lazybones’ . Andre or Jim Hobbs should know some other names? Anyone else?

Peter Millington….t started life as The Flying Machine, played there too in The Confederates. Very dark and seedy

Jim Breeds….Undergound. Yes. Thank you Yvonne. And Yes. After the Nellie or whichever pub we’d ended up in at closing time. Dark, loud and “yes please, make mine a double”.