Albert Memorial Hastings – town centre memories

supplied by: Leigh Kennedy

Roger Simmonds… Happy memories!

John Gale… A great photo, not seen that one before

John Harper… I can remember all those vehicles!

Dennis Torrance… What a wonderful photo of the memorial takes me back .

Pete Houghton… Remember the memorial with grest memories

Petra Stevens… A tad before my time in Hastings i suspect. But used to meet up down there

James Towner… Fell of a motorbike going round it.

Stuart Moir… I migrated to Hastings around that time just before the local shits set fire to it. What for an arson attack ???

Lloyd Johnson… proper town centre!….

Tracy Birrell… I still ask for a return to the Memorial on the bus……

Dennis Torrance… Memorial was on most buses then . I moved up to Broomgrove 1967 at first the buses only went as far as the top of Parker road a long walk for me to get a 72

Alan Pepper… That’s a shilling please ! On the 133 from Hollington ! I’m guessing it was early fifties ?

Nigel Ford… No policeman on duty? There usually was. Is this early 60’s?

Monica Bane…Good old days. My husband was on duty in town most days ,I still have a pair of his white gloves when he patrol the traffic. We felt safer with our friendly Bobbie’s around!

Gerry Fortsch… I am no car expert but I think that is a Ford Consul in the front of the picture so that may be early 60’s?


Buses Wellington Square – early 1950’s. Supplied by Leigh Kennedy

All supplied by Leigh Kennedy. From facebook page

Leigh Kennedy… Two further views of Wellington Square, this time looking up Castle Hill Road. Judging by the clothing and the cars I’m going to say early 1950s ? In the background of both photos is No14 Castle Hill Road, used for 50 years between 1899 & 1949 as the offices of the Argus Newspaper.

Alan Esdaile… What was the name of the drinking club upstairs, about next to the newsagent sign? My dad used to go in there

Roger Simmonds… What happy times !

Bodega Bar & Orion Cinema Hastings

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Nadia Compagnone… Can anybody date this? Thanks.

Alan Esdaile… I would think early 60s?

Graham Sherrington… 1860’s it’s OLD

Leigh Kennedy… Nadia, late 1950s , possibly early 1960s. By the mid 60s it was renamed Fortes Wine Bar, and later the York Bar..

Mick O’Dowd… The traffic is still coming down Cambridge Road

Lloyd Johnson… This is how I remember it in the early 60s….

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked part time in the Orion 60s tried blowing up the film posters to find out roughly year but still quite blurred.

Margaret Trowell… My dad worked in the Bodega bars 1965/67 ish

Tracy Birrell… Oh yes…..

Jacquie Hinves… That’s brought back memories! We as a class travelled from St. Richards school to watch The Prime of Miss Jean Brody” What a flea pit. Happy days!


The Sussex Hall White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1930’s.

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… The Sussex Hall, located in the basement of the White Rock Pavilion. Late 1930s. The sign on the stage reads – ‘Harmony Aces’

Peter Fairless… Is it the same floor?

John Gale… Its quite big down always surprised its not used more

Tim Moose Bruce… Its used for the Annual Beatles Day event. Played on the Sussex stage a few times over the years

Mick Turner… They should put it too use!

Chris Meachen… I used to go to the Winkle Club children’s parties down there as a small child, too long ago to remember much detail. As a teenager, I helped set up & man a display of aquariums promoting a local hobby group in connection with a kind of ‘mini ideal home exhibition’ which occupied both of the theatres’ spaces.

Graham Sherrington… I used to do that Public Speaking for the school in the White Rock… subject tropical Fish keeping.


Sainsburys Wellington Place Hastings closing 1974 – Walter Turrell

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… District Manager Walter Turrell visits the Wellington Place branch shortly before its closure in 1974.

Phil Gill… “Quarter pound of ham please and here’s your P45.”

Alan Esdaile… I can still remember the smell of the shop.

Kevin Sherwood… They used to do the best individual steak and kidney puddings ever.

Nick Webb… I remember those days loved the pay desk at the far end .

Andy Qunta… Remember it well!

Jane Collins… Remember this well!

Pauline Sims… They made the best liver sausage ever!

Fred Marsh… Loved it although I can only just remember it

Jacky Siffleet… Sawdust on the floor

Tracy Birrell… Remember going in there with my Mum.

Tesco first Hastings store, opens at 11 Wellington Place 27th June 1957 .

all supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… First ever Tesco Store opens in Hastings, at 11 Wellington Place. The store would remain there for just over a decade until moving round the corner to a purpose built store on the site of the much missed Regency era Castle Hotel. Photo Circa 1963. Tesco far right

Alan Esdaile… remember going in there with my dad and couldn’t understand how people were allowed to serve themselves, having only known the corner shop previously. My job was to get a strong empty cardboard box from the front of the shop but soon learnt not good to go for the middle one!

Monica Bane… Yes I remember that little store!

David Kent… All fats in open refrigerators.

Simon Fraser… Don’t forget the green shield stamps.

Jacquie Hinves… It was called Victor Values. Mum would shop there every Tuesday morning.

The Grenadier Casino Club and The Dolphin Ballroom and Langney Motors – outside 60’s

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

John David Martin… My mum worked there, the owner was Don Smith

Graham Bradley… you are right John, Don was a great guy, he also had the other club in Priory Meadow.

John David Martin… Graham, he first opened Dennies

Graham Bradley… John, also had The Ridge Club with John Hails

Beki Milton… They’re funny looking arm chairs aren’t they

Kevin White… Beki, funny looking cars too!

John Warner… You forgot the Witchdoctor!!

Sophie Ash… Flagpole still in place – there are four deco-styled flagpole holders on the building. All are still there.

Pauline Richards… Yeah The Witch Doctor with those coloured floor lights that made some clothes see through!!

John Warner… Now she tells me!

Robert Searle… And Cobweb

Simon Fraser… And Aquarius!

Peter Millington… No Simon, the Aquarius was in the Old Town! Then converted into Saturdays.

Pete Houghton… I remember those days.And the old Cobweb night Club

John David Martin… Don Smith was involved with the Aquarius as well remember all the top bands played there


Carlisle Saloon and waiting shelter Hastings – early 1950s

photo supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… Carlisle Saloon, Waiting Shelter, Underground Conveniences and rear of F.W Woolworths. Early 1950s. The Shelter and Conveniences were later cleared away for road widening and the Woolworths building was given a new facade, front and back in 1959.

John Gale… I remember the old man and his lady friend that lived in there at times around 1978 , very friendly, but boy did they smell. ?

Alan Esdaile… Remember the shelter, a bit smelly if I remember right! Also remember the toilets next door.

Harry Randall… It was never a “Waiting Shelter” I remember it well as an OAP Club!

Brigitte Lee… Do I remember catching the bus from there?

Jackie Hersee… Yes there was a bus stop there

Brigitte Lee… Thanks, the 151 to Harold Rd was my bus.

Virginia Davis… I used to catch the 151 from there also. Remember running across the car park the other side of the Carlisle to catch it.

Lucy Pappas… I remember having a weekly wait there of 55 mins after the town choir finished and the 208 to Fairlight arrived. I was 10 when I first started and continued my weekly wait for a number of years. It was a bit smelly but there was always something going on that was interesting to watch!

Lloyd Johnson… We’d take shortcuts through Woolworths in the 50s and 60s. I remember the Liverpudlian lads that arrived in the town during the Merseybeat Beat boom causing havoc in Woolworths once. They were really great fun always having some scam or other going on! A couple of them had a monkey that would jump on a tourists shoulder and the they’d take a photo. On this particular day they decided to let the monkey go on the rampage in Woolworths a diversion for their lawless activities ….it was so funny to watch….

Jan Warren… Lovely to see this again, remember me and my Mum waiting in that shelter for the bus back to Pett Level

Tony Court-holmes… forgot about them

Patrick Turner… I remember the monkey on the seafront, have your photo taken