Haze 13th Jan and Sweet 20th Jan – Aquarius 1973

haze and sweet


Haze photo supplied by Robert Searle                                                                         

Ticket supplied by Diane Leigh, autograph is on the back of the ticket

Robert Searle… Back left is Robert Searle on bass, Les Harding guitar,Colin Rotheroe guitar. Front is Les Pennock vocals Bernie Marchant vocals and Dave Funnel drums. Bob, Les Harding and Colin Rotheroe backing vocals. Got my trusted Fender bass in my right hand. Hated those steps at the back of Aquarius where we bought the gear up but had a great night. We also did the Cobweb before the Aquarius opened. John booked us.

Robert Searle… Saw the Sweet at the Aquarius.Ive heard bad reports of the Sweet but that night , they were brilliant.Their playing was just as good as say Deep Purple ,their vocal harmonies were fantastic. That night at the Aquarius proved how good they were.A great rocking group with great vocals.

Alan Esdaile… I was at that Sweet gig and we were packed in like sardines. They were very good.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was there too, remember it like it was yesterday!

Robert Searle… A real great thumping backing ,great musicians.Vocals were fantastic with Andy Scotts high vocals were unbelievable, real professionals.

Chris Giles… I saw Sweet at the Aquarius …my friends dragged me along…. I wasn’t keen to see them… I was shocked they were brilliant one of the best acts I’ve seen.

Barry French… I was knocked out by Sweet at the Aquarius, I was expecting a pop band, & if my memory serves me correct I think they opened up with a WHO medley.

Matt Thomas… Too young but got sweets autographs

Ian McGilvray… Great Band. My favourite

Ronald Burgoyne… That must be when we saw them Mac

Ian McGilvray.. I think it was Ron. Great band with excellent harmonies.

Merv Kennard… that was a good night, so was the dlwp gig last December.

Guitar for sale from Les Harding

Guitar for sale from Les Harding. It once belonged to Ray Fenwick. 1986 cherry red jackson chavel model 4, with locking tremolo, usa plate on the back,humbuck and 2 single coil pick ups, maple neck. If interested please contact Cris Kennard through Facebook, or happy to pass on any messages.

Robert Searle… Great guitar, really great sounds

Merv Kennard… also has rose wood fret.

Jacquie Hinves… I remember that guitar so well. Why don’t you see if Ray would like to buy it?

Merv Kennard… no longer for sale, Les has decided to keep it.

Centre Page – Bexhill 1970’s


photos supplied by Stuart Moir.

this is one of the early line up pics from Left to right from the back Dave (beano) Easton, Stuart Moir, bottom left to right Les Harding, Rev Stockdale, and Chris Howard .


Stuart Moir on the drums

Stuart Moir…… from left to right, Les Harding guitar/vocals, Dave beano Easton lead vocals/harmonica, Rev Stockdale keyboards/guitar/vocals, Chris Howard bass guitar/vocals, Stuart Moir drums/vocals.

Robert Searle….Dont forget the first lineupp Stuart was me Bob Searle guitar Mick Ingrams bass guitar Rev Stockdale keyboards Dave Easton the legend on vocals and you Stuart on drums although it didnt last long was still a good band.

Dave Easton…..I can certainly remember you in the band Bob and you certainly did a brilliant job as usual.

Andy Qunta….Great band! Most entertaining & enjoyable!

Conan Howard… you still around Les and your wife Cathy, remember me Len? a friend of Allen and Phyllis Watts

Cris Kennard… Kath and Les now living in Spain.

Dion Five – Hailsham band 1965


supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on

Dion 5, 1965. Les Harding, Allan Williams, Dave Funnell, Ray Lloyd, Bernie Marchant

bernard 1932355_10152249511997497_1729175068_n

photo of Bernard Marchant. supplied by Bernie Marchant through Joe Knight

Stuart Moir…..”Where’s ur chest hair Bernie ???”

Will Cornell… Pants on the drummer, I’d say they’re due for a comeback.

Foxy – Bexhill British Legion – circa 1996


supplied by Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

From left to right Les Harding, Dave Shaw, Robert Searle on bass and Colin Fox.

Robert Searle….”Good mates”

Stuart Moir… That was the time when Dave Shaw wasn’t able to stand for any length of time due to illness but like us all the show must go on, RIP Dave you were a great singer.