Wards Levi advert. What jeans did you wear in the 60’s/70’s?

Alan Esdaile… I’m thinking Brutus or Lee but probably an unknown cheap make, as Levi were too expensive.

Gary Urwin… I only wore blue Levi’s because I thought they were the coolest. I remember wearing them at least once in the bath to shrink them too. I don’t recall that working

Peter Fairless… Lee Cooper, I think

Colin Norton… Levi’s and I still do

Reg Wood… Yes Levi’s Alan

Barry Newton… Whatever I could get cheap at Malcolm Mitchells

Judie Struys… Levis from Cyril Savage in Kings Road. Lay in bath to shrink them. When they got old the zip broke so I made a DIY fly out of a leather thong crisscrossed. It looked OK but wasn’t convenient in the conveniences.

Chris Meachen… I remember you in those…

Arthur Sutherland… Wore cords, couldn’t stand cowboy pants

Ernest Ballard… Levi’s. Cost £4.99. Four weeks paper round money

Eric Harmer… Still wear 501 s

Tony Davies…  I left school when I was fifteen and with my first wage packet from the post office went straight down to Baldocks clothes shop in George St and bought my first pair of 501 stud fly button shrink to fit Levi’s, £2 10shillings. Been wearing Levi’s ever since.

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