trying to trace – The Middlemen, Etc Etc, Spacebats and MAD 1991/1992

Anyone help Phil Little with this? Does anybody in the Hastings area know who was in the following bands around 1991/2, please:- The Middlemen and Etc. Etc.

Phil Little… Thanks Alan I found Etc Etc (Roy Penfold). I am also looking for Spacebats – Dave, Nigel, Wendy. And MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). All these bands recorded in Light From Darkness Studios in the basement of the Old Observer Building in 1991/2 and I am seeking some permissions from them to release some tracks as a compilation with proceeds to St Michale’s Hospice.

Roy Penfold… Hi Phil, the Etc. Etc. tracks were written by Paul and Pat. I’ll see if I can get in touch with them. Despot was one of Paul’s.

Alan Esdaile… It would be good to post some photos here Roy Penfold of Etc Etc. I’m pretty sure I bought your old keyboard from this band?

Buick 6 – Light From Darkness Studio Hastings 1992


supplied by Phil Little.

Colin Gibson – bass,  Liam Genockey – drums  & Roger Hubbard – guitar.

Alamo Leal….Buick 6, one of the most amazing bands I’ve seen. They could go into any area and cover it with a incredible groove. Great players.