Lindisfarne – Hastings Pier 17th January 1975

Photos by Chris Meachen

Steve Cooke… Alan with Kenny Craddock on keys in 1st pic. Still miss these two every day – made and played some great music with them.

Tony Court-holmes… I was there

Martyn Baker… Yep. I went to that one too. They were excellent.

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them at White Rock in the 80s. Great gig.

Robert Paine… Remember this group

Chris Meachen…  I kicked the dressing room door down for them too.. (they were locked out..) earned a crate of ‘Newcastle broon’ for that….

Maureen Head… Loved their music.

Dave Nattress… Saw them on this one with the Bexhill contingent of pier gig followers. Fog on the Tyne – a fantastic album of a great era and some great singles of course. Run for home is a favourite. BJH were also a fave with the Bexhill boys.

Dave Weeks… Enjoyed the BJH more

Chris Meachen… I went backstage to find them standing in the corridor, having locked themselves out of the dressing room. One good flying leap got the door open, & a crate of Newcastle brown for me..

Jack The Lad – Hastings Pier 15th March 1975


jack the lad

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile….Very good band ‘Jack The Lad’ . I think it was the remains of ‘LIndisfarne’ after they split up. Also we put them on at Eastbourne Collage.

Andy Gunton….I saw them a few times myself. Good band & yes, some of them were in Lindisfarne beforehand.

Jim Breeds….I  have a couple of Jack The Lad LPs. Great stuff. “It’s Jack The Lad” CAS 1085 and “The Old Straight Track” CAS 1094. Both LPs from 1974, bizarrely. They must have been on a roll! Billy Mitchell, Simon Cowe, Ray Laidlaw & Rod Clements. Rod Clements founded Lindisfarne with Alan Hull. When they broke up in ’73 he founded JTL.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this rare cinema ad from 1974….

Peter Thomson… Remember that one fondly. Excellent gig.

Jim Breeds… I saw them then. Still have that album and another. “The Third Millennium” seemed so far away at the time!

Lindisfarne – St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. Saturday 24 March 2018

Lindisfarne Saturday 24 March 2018 7.30pm St Mary in the Castle, Hastings.

The original Lindisfarne band finally called it a day in 2003, but are now back with a classic six-piece line up of long-time members fronted by original founder-member Rod Clements and Alan Hull’s son-in-law Dave Hull-Denholm. With a repertoire of much-loved songs like Meet Me On The Corner, Fog On The Tyne, Lady Eleanor and Run For Home and a reputation for live performance second to none, Lindifarne’s power to galvanise festival and concert audiences remains undimmed and is guaranteed to get you on your feet at St Mary in the Castle.
Lindisfarne 2017 is Rod Clements (1969-present) Vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitars. Dave Hull-Denholme (1994-present) Vocals, guitars. Steve Daggett (1986-present) Vocals, keyboards, guitars. Charlie Harcourt (1973-present) Guitar, vocals. Ian Thomson (1995-present) Bass : Paul Thompson (ex-Roxy Music) Drums.                 
more details

Alan Esdaile… MY favourite track is still Lady Eleanor

Joe Knight… Great band and time for Music! !!

Judith Hayward… Liam Loftus we need to go!

Paul Morfey… Dont miss this, just seen them at the New Day festival. Well worth revisting

Gavin Martin… Meet Me On The Corner, down near Pelham Square/ Bring Lady Eleanor and I will be there/We can swing together, all night long/Itll always be the season to sing Alun’s Winter song/

Lindisfarne & The Strawbs – White Rock Theatre 1993

lindisfarne lindisfarne

ticket supplied by Iain Cobby

Alan Esdaile… Always loved Lady Eleanor

Colin Norton… Always loved that track!

Clifford Rose… Great concert. I liked the way Lindisfarne made the stage resemble a public bar. Strawbs were good as well!

Tony Davis… Saw the Strawbs at the White Rock recently when they were there with the Carl Palmer Band & Wishbone Ash. It amazes how strong Dave Cousins voice still is.