Pebbles, Winchelsea Beach – December 1976

Sandy Max… So…Man Friday were playing on my 18th birthday!

Martin Richter… Trunk ! fanrastic

Mick O’Dowd… I was a  one of 2 resident DJ’s in the 80’s. The other being Mike Nite. This was when I morphed into Mike Day. The hosts were John & Rispa a lovely couple. Then we had Stuart Hay and then Bob ? who runs Plumbline  now. Had some good times here and worked with some good bands. Centre Page, Jinx, Grundy,  plus The Nashville Teens & The Showstoppers. It was a well known fact that if you were leaving before closing and spotted a police car sitting up the road you would ring the club and they in turn would ring the police and say there was trouble in Camber and this being the only car in the area speeds off allowing us drunkards to drive home safely!

Lintonian Club Winchelsea – Mike O’Malley, Peters & Lee and Gerry Monroe – August 1973

Jim Breeds… Pity about the ‘ in “Peter’s”! Also why was Sally portrayed as a hooker? Never heard of the club.

Paul Huggett… Prior to being the Lintonian, it was the 58 Club – a notable, not to say notorious, place for a right old booze-up and live music often the Trowell brothers’ King,Rod and Co, with after hours drinking if you bought a “meal”, i.e. an interestingly flavoured meat pie…. Some fun nights were had – from what I can remember…….

Pete Millington… We (SPYKE – Ian Williams, Ginger Millington and Terry Chedzoy) played there (Lintonian Club) very regularly between 1973 and 1975. Great crowd and so many laughs to look back on.

Suzanne Evans… Good grief, came across this site. My parents Percy and Pat managed The Lintonian for a while. It was owned by my brother in law David Hendry and his business partner. I was only 15 years old and working behind the bar, little did anyone know then…

Terry Hopper… We often went to to the 58 club after the Odd Fellows in Ore village closed on a Saturday night in the late 60’s remember the sweat running down the black plastic covered walls and the late licence dodgy pies GREAT TIMES

Paul Huggett… When I lived in Rye I went to the 58 club quite a few times. For a long time King, Rod & Co were more or less the “house band” , there probably every other week – Kingsley and Rod Trowell, Kirk Ronchetti on drums, and Greg, the best high harmony guy around. Later I played there often in Lintonian days with the Amethyst band.

Peter Millington… SPYKE (Ian Williams, Terry Chedzoy and Me) played at the Lintonian Club very regularly in 1973/4. Great audiences.

Paul Huggett… First place I saw you play I think Peter, or could have been the club at Rye Harbour caravan park, before that.

Lintonian Club – Winchelsea – September 1973

Merv Kennard… I remember the lads from Demon Disco, cant remember names. If we both had gig in town we would meet up after and go for a meal. If memory is right, one of them married Linda from Stylus Records.

Linda Boiling… Hi Merv, The lads from Demon Disco were Peter Boiling ( Peter Craig) and Nick Biker ( Spike). You have a good memory, I indeed worked at Stylus Records and Peter and I married in 1978. Peter sadly passed away aged 64 a year ago, I’m sure he would have remembered you and would have loved to chat about the good old days. The Discos were some of the happiest years of our lives. We have both always continued to love music especially 1970s. All of his records from the Discos are still in the loft, in their Schweppes crates and have moved 6 houses with us over the years.

Jane Hartley… Stuart Hollister was also a member at one point I believe.

Merv Kennard… sorry to hear your news Linda but nice to hear from you, would be good to have a chat some time to find out what happened to all those years.

Linda Boiling… Jane Hartley …Stuart Hollister (Ollie) was a friend of them both as they all lived in Brede at that time so I would think he would have been there too.

Hippo Band – Lintonian Club Winchelsea Beach 27th November 1976

Gerry Fortsch… Bloody hell this brings it all back, we played in this club until it was closed down, I hope it wasn’t our fault

Paul Huggett… Did loads of gigs there with Amethyst. And had very boozy youthful experiences there previously when it was the notorious 58 Club….. Regular band there then was King,Rod and Co – the Trowell brothers, Kirk Ronchetti and Greg, who did the high parts, a very good harmony band.

Gerry Fortsch… Yes Paul I played there in the 60s with a band called The Earl Dee Group (great name what) John Petrie, Colin Green, Gordon Reed and Tony Brook. We loved the old Geno Washington style. Remember if you wanted a late drink in the 58 club you had to purchase a pie, I think most of them ended up on the floor. Happy days.

Paul Huggett… Yes! I did see that band Gerry, just once – excellent as I recall (dimly!) Ha ha yes, Those Pies….. made of who knew what? Soaked up a bit of beer though.

Tony Court-holmes… t was a bugger to get home from when you were a bit pissed