Bert Jansch – Live at the 12 Bar. Reissue.

bert jansch

Alan King… I’ve just became aware that an album I produced some 20 years ago has just been re-released to some very good reviews 5* in Mojo magazine this month, it’s Bert Jansch ‘Live At The 12-Bar’ and is worth a listen, it’s available on vinyl as well. The downside is that the label that have put it out claim to have acquired the rights to it, despite the fact that I recorded it, produced it and the original came out on my own label – but I guess that’s just the music business for you .

Stuart Huggett…  Has Alan been in touch with Earth Recordings (a recently established subsidiary of long-running indie Fire Records) yet? If he wants to, I got sent the album and press release (pasted below) from the label’s Head Of Press, Jenna Jones (who’s a fan who saw Jansch in concert). As the press release says, Earth are planning an extensive set of Jansch reissues, so I’m sure she’d be happy to hear from him: PRESS RELEASE: “An excellent 16 song set.. the music is powerful and gentle, thoughtful and utterly riveting.” 5* Mojo

“Live at the 12 Bar stands out in part for the sweep of its songs, a range that reflects the roots of his work and how much he was able to grow within its traditions” Pitchfork

“Performed with a gorgeous lilt.. Jansch’s playing manifests a very particular physicality, working to its own internal logic, voice and six strings running in refined tandem” Uncut

“Jansch’s playing betrays no loss of nimbleness.. he’s in good voice too: over warm, cyclical guitar, his delivery effortlessly evokes the languid torpor of “Summer Heat”’ Independent

“Jansch’s guitar arrangement makes it truly stand out. He ditches a standard chordal accompaniment and brings his percussive, fingerpicked inventions to the fore — almost on equal footing with the words.” NPR

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