Northern Soul Living For The Weekend – 25th July 2014 BBC4 – what do you like?

Leigh Wieland-Boys ….Thanks for reminder – can’t wait for 9.30! Keep the Faith :o)

Redstar Ritchter……I`m out on the floor as we speak 🙂 ktf 🙂

Alan Esdaile…..The trouble is if I get down on the floor, you have to somehow get back up again! Likewise looking forward to watching this and feel free to post any of your favourite Northern Soul tracks here.

Leigh Wieland-Boys……Do I Love you, Indeed I do by Frank Wilson (Steve Ellis did it justice when I saw him live, he dedicated it to Paul Weller who was sitting in front of me!) and For the Love of Mike by Brenda or Patrice Holloway, so many great NS tracks out there.

Alan Esdaile….Here’s some great tracks….

John Storer…..In the early 80s, Mrs S and I became friends with a couple who were northern soul afficianados … he had been a professional northern soul DJ for many years and had a massive collection of 45s. Frequent visits to their home led to me becoming a huge fan. My two favourites, without a doubt, are the following – Patti Jo Make me believe in you and Gene Chandler There was a time.

Alan Pepper….Enjoyed the documentary , although had seen a lot of it before
Was a Motown man in my youth but do love a few of the classics,
I’m on my way by Dean Parrish, Love love love by Bobby Hebb and my favorite being Moody Woman by Jerry Butler. Can’t dance like that anymore but nice to see
the young generation keeping the faith going !

Alan Esdaile….Gene Chandler There was a time, used to play the James Brown version at Bonitas a lot. Still love the Dean Parrish track, Alan.

Angus Webster….Halcyon days, enjoyed the documentary, Northern Soul was massive in Scotland KTF

Andre Martin…..Had the opportunity to catch up with the Living for the Weekend – Northern Soul, excellent programme with some of the key players from the days of the Wheel, Torch and Blackpool etc. If you have not seen this it is still on iplayer for the next few days.