Pam Dor coffee bar Hastings – early sixties photos from Lloyd Johnson collection




supplied by Lloyd Johnson ‘Original Modernists 1959-1966’.

photo 1: photo of Lloyd, taken by Les Martin, in The Pam Dor Club on his new camera  in 65

photo 2: 1963 or 1964 Les Martin in the grey suit in the Pam-Dor Hastings, This was taken in the first Pam Dor above 8 York Buildings.

photo 3: Lloyd’s friends outside The Pam Dor in Hastings 1964ish…you can see the Hepworth’s window display..the Coffee Bar was on the 1st floor above Hepworths..

Anyone else got any photos from any of the coffee bars in Hastings from the 60’s/70’s?

Gerry Fortsch… That brings back some memories.

Patricia Landamore… Wow, we were there & never stop talking about our wonderful teenage life👏👍The Pam Dor, our meeting place,I worked behind the counter making coffee’s & beef burgers on my Monday off from Sainsbury. From there we walked to the Witch Doctor most evenings & Sunday afternoons, unless we had to stop at the Pier to see the Rolling Stones or other BIG names💋💋. The coach trip to Brighton to see the Beatles was off my teenage scale😁. So glad I was then, amazing👍

Lloyd Johnson… That is Les Martin holding the table in the top right hand photo, I think this is when they were moving from the old premises to the new premises in Queen’s rd. above Hepworth’s….the premises in the photo became The Black Cat if my memory serves me well. Patricia I went on the coach trip to Brighton to see The Beatles at The Hippodrome on The Roy Orbison Tour and on the night we saw the show Patrica, Roy Orbison conceded top of the bill to The Beatles.We all ran around the back of the Hippodrome to see The Beatles off in their coach just in time to see them pulling funny faces at us and waving. Les Martin organised that coach trip to see The Beatles. I was sat between Helena Evans and Lesley Thewenetti, they both went mental screaming their heads off I couldn’t hear a thing but it was great fun. I also saw The Stones twice on The Pier and they played St.Clements Caves for a girlfriend of Noel D’Abo’s birthday. Noel went I think but I wasn’t invited…it would have been great to have seen them in the Caves.

Alan Esdaile… It’s been talked about a number of times of The Rolling Stones playing The Caves. Can you confirmed it happened Lloyd? I will repost the original chat about it.

Lloyd Johnson… Noel D’Ado told me it was a girlfriend of his birthday party….I can ask Noel for more info if you like… was 1964….they played Hastings twice on The Pier and once in St.Clements Caves that year…I saw the two Pier gigs….

Pauline Richards… I remember that, think your brother was ‘front of house’ Chris Colbran

Lloyd Johnson… Very sad news! Les Martin passed away during the week…


who remembers Stan Long, Bobbie McKenzie and Stan Boardman in Hastings, asks Lloyd Johnson?

Lloyd Johnson… 1964! Who remembers the influx of Scouse Scalliwags into the town in the height of Beatle mania, with Stan Long, Bobbie McKenzie and Stan Boardman amongst their ranks they certainly bought a new dynamic to our lives back then. I remember the two Stans did a stint as seafront photographers with the monkey trick.The monkey would jump on a tourist shoulder and they would take a photo which you collected from a kiosk on the Pier later in the day….one day the whole bunch of Liverpool lads let the monkey go in Woolworths which caused havoc. In the confusion they all helped themselves to various items….Loveable roughs!..a really funny bunch,never a dull moment!….

Caz Simpson… I  remember them, especially Bob who I think bit someone’s ear off. He had a nickname we’d get arrested for using these days 😂 Wasn’t Jack with the ice cream van from Liverpool too?

Lloyd Johnson… Caz, I think Stan Long had an ice cream van later on…

Looking for more local 60’s group photos and info.

Lloyd Johnson says… I was just thinking of local Hastings groups I remember from my youth so that would be early 60s not 70s. it would be nice to see photos anyone has of the groups from those days, here are a few groups I remember….Johnny and The Chevs, Brian Baker and The Senators, The Talismen, The Tuxedos,The Confederates, Humperdinks, The Redcoats,Tony and The Defiants I’m sure there were more but these are the ones I remember.

Alan Esdaile… we do have number of these on the website but always looking for different photos of these groups and information, Thank you.

Mike Waghorne… Unabridged Telephone Directory from mid to late 60’s !

Harry Randall… Circuit 4 mid sixties ( named after a Watkins guitar) Chain Reaction mid to late sixties

Jane Hartley… I seem to remember one called Index.