Gordon Busbridge and the special bike – Woodland Vale School St Leonards

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… This is a photo of my Dad, Gordon Busbridge riding this special bicycle to advertise his friends bike shop, is the building in the back the old Woodland Vale school?

Yvonne Cleland… Yes, definitely Woodlands!

Heather Sidery… Wow!!!!

Judy Atkinson… Wow, how did he get on and off? I always wonder what people riding penny farthings do at traffic lights

John Busbridge… I believe he climbed up and down a lamp post to get on and off!

Stephanie Blackledge… Yes, definately. Miss Taylor was the Head teacher in 1964. Terrifying lady!

Carol Arnold… Stephanie, with white plimsols

Stephanie Blackledge… oh yes! She knew everyone’s name

Leigh Kennedy… Its the original Tower road school.

Eric Harmer… Great shot mate

Nicki Dann… I think I might know someone who advertised it for sale ??

Carol Arnold… Was at school there with Elizabeth!

John Busbridge… My wife, Patricia Wilson was also went there

Jacqueline Marsh… I was at school there and remember being taught French by a Russian Teacher, always amused me.

Andy Qunta… Brilliant!

Ian Johnson… I went to school there

Andy Davies… Terrific, definitely Woodlands School.


Allegro Records – London Road St Leonards 1972


Anyone remember this shop next to Christ Church? I think it was mainly classical records but might be wrong?

Andy Qunta… Don’t actually remember this place.

Tony May… This is a really interesting find Alan! I certainly don’t ever remember a record shop in that position? Mind you, this is from 1972 so I would only have been 7 at the time. If this shop did exist it is faior to assume that it wasn’t in existence for many years. There was a record shop a bit further down on that side on the corner next to where the co-op is now in the 1980’s though. Can’t recall what it was called at the moment but I bought the ‘Candles’ album by Heatwave in there in 1981/2 shortly before it closed.

Clive Garrard… In about May 1973,on a day trip from Tonbridge,i bought “Sweet” -“Hellraiser” on a single in a record shop in London road,St Leonards.It was on the left hand side going up London road,before the large Church.Does anyone remember this shop?

Alan Esdaile… It was probably the above one, Clive.

Judie Struys.. I certainly do. I bought an album with my first ever pay packet. 1972 I think. It was Deep Purple in Rock. Played it over and over again. I can’t remember the name of the shop though.