Tich Turner new CD single from his band HiFi Sneakers – Hypnotic

Gerry Fortsch… Yea It’s certainly Hypnotic, well done Tich.

Robert Searle… Great stuff Tich.

Dave Nattress… A great sound overall. Tich, just one of many of the slightly older rock legends of Hastings has still got it.

Tich Turner… Thanks fellas, I rather like the diplomatic way you phrased that Dave!


The Magnets – Hastings Pier 27th June 1978

Anyone remember The Magnets?

Martin Richter… er……….no 🙂 they must have cooled down by the time they reached the coast

Mike Hatchard… They no doubt had a certain attraction.

Robert Carey… They were quite a draw.

Graham Matthews… They do say opposite poles attract.

Martin Stoggell… A very attractive band

Nigel Goodman… yes they had quite a pull

Martyn Baker… I remember deciding not to attend this one.

Peter Webb… Shame the law still prohibits public singing.

Nigel Ford… No, I wasn’t drawn to them either, infact we were poles apart…..

Jim Breeds… Not sure I’ve heard of The Magnet. Anything to do with The Attractions?

Chris Stratton… Not remotely familiar.

Richard Brown… I went to most gigs back then but don’t remember these.

Mick O’Dowd… Seems they have lost their magnetism & attraction!

Muller at Cavern Studios London – 2nd April 1970

Outside the Cavern Studios London, recording the single ‘Fooling Around. Paul Wiseman, Jon McCallion, Steve Demetri, Paul Dove and Alan Esdaile.


photo by Ray Medhurst

Paul Dove….Great times, it amazes me were these photos keep coming from,next question did that record ever survive,! look at Alan doing the 1000yd stare !!,,, It always made me laugh seeing the veins in Jon Mac,s neck sticking out when we done house of the rising sun, classic.

Jon McCallion....Good times. I still have a copy of Fooling around, will play it to you one day.

Paul Dove….Hi Jon that would be great,although cant remember how it went. ! i keep meaning to come along to one of alans meetings, but i will.Yes good times.

Alan Esdaile…We only planned to record the one song and then had just enough time for an unplanned ‘B’ side which had to be an original. Nothing arranged, so the band came up with an instrumental called ‘Freak Out’.

Paul Dove…Alan you are doing wonders for my memory , yes i remember doing the b side ,We got to do a big meet up with factory, Steve k , I know we lost Stevie D .But would be great to see all the guys from that magical 60s 70s era,!!!  what was i looking at ,, think alan had dropped a 1 00 note , was good fun recording Fooling Around, same studio as the Who recorded , hope to see Jon,  Alan & maybe Paul Wiseman at Beatles Day tomorrow.

Alan Esdaile… We all look tired and fed up Paul. Hanging around for ages for the studio guy to turn up.

Pete Fisher… seem to have missed something here…what did you play Alan?

Alan Esdaile… played the fool Pete! I was manager of the band or should I say humper of the gear, arranged the recording session and gigs and got paid lots of money. Well maybe not the last bit!

Canned Heat – On The Road Again


classic line up 1970. Skip Taylor Productions (management)/Liberty Records. The engagement this photo was used to promote took place about 2 weeks before the death of Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson.

Steve Maxted…. I was on tour with Canned Heat etc. at the time of that big hit. Compering the shows

Will Cornell…. Brilliant band and it may be heresy to say this in Texas, but they were WAY better than ZZTop, who copped most of the same sound. Hite and Wilson were introduced to each other by the great John Fahey, and they found between them, they had probably the biggest collection of blues 78s on earth. Check out the “Hooker N Heat” album they did with John Lee Hooker too. It’s Wilson’s last album before he died.

Terry Har… I saw Canned Heat with Maggie Bells Stone the Crows at the Albert Hall

Andy Qunta… Love this!

Michael Wilson… Canned Heat Vocals always reminded me of Skip James.

Will Cornell… Alan Wilson’s, yes….Bob The Bear Hite’s were, well, he sounded like he looked. Compare “On the Road Again” and “Going Up The Country” (Wilson) with “Let’s Work Together” & “Same All Over” (Hite). A good variety all in one band.

Jan Warren… I saw Canned Heat in Hyde Park, London (about 1970) there was also Lovin’ Spoonful and a few other bands!!

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure that was the gig when it wouldn’t stop raining Jan? I remember seeing John Sebastian attempt to play and got a feeling that Eric Burdon was their. Got drenched and missed Canned Heat.

Jan Warren… Yes I think Eric Burden was there but I don’t remember it raining?!

Chris Sherwood… I was at that concert , Canned Heat were brilliant , but the stand out performance was Eric Burden’s ..Spill the wine …..Don’t remember any rain but ended up in the Leicester Square Empire watching Woodstock… Dancing in the aisles….Last night in London …… Legendary Days !!


What memories do you have of Carnaby Street?

Alan Esdaile… Remember buying a hippie bell in Carnaby Street

Dennis Torrance… Hipsters with the thick belt plus some flowered shirts was me

Pete Fisher…  I’d just turned 12, and my Mum took me and my younger sister up to London for a day out, and I insisted on going to Carnaby Street, which was already pretty tacky and full of souvenirs, but I loved it…I think I might have bought a bell too… Receipt & tube ticket…

Mick Knights… All I remember is most of the shop owners coming to me for ideas!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  I was a 14 year old school hockey player from Lincoln on a day trip to White City to watch the England ladies hockey team v Germany. The teachers made a detour so us girls could walk down Carnaby Street – I remember that more than the match! Seem to recall we went in Biba! It was awesome!

Mark Randall…  If I had a pound for every time the footage of the uniformed, top hatted chap rummaging thru’ the clothes racks whenever a doc or reference to the swing in’ 60s is made, I’d be a billionaire!