The Lord Nelson pub – 1950’s

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photo © Judy Baddeley

Lord Nelson… This is a photo from the 1950’s of landlord and landlady Jack and Ann Baddeley. Their daughter Judy sent it to me earlier and posted the following words: “I used to live in the Lord Nelson when I was a little girl in the 1950’s. My mum and Dad were landlord and landlady. Shirley Smith looked after us three children and that is where she met her future husband Wilfy Adams and that is where the famous Adams family of the Old Town was born. Shirley is my wonderful friend and we talk about the old days in the Old Town.” Pretty cool, huh?

Hilary James… I’m sure I had a school friend called Judy Dawson who lived in the Nelson during the 60s

Andy Coleman… Hilary, I think she was in my class in junior school

Jacqueline Marsh… Wonderful old photo, thanks for sharing it, I bet they knew my gran and Grandad Bill and Liz Shirley, They had the pub by the old bathhouses, I think it was called locally The Silver Dollar, but I think its real name was the Duke of Cornwall, it was at the end of Post Office Passage at the back of Hastings Wall. I remember sitting on the stairs in the pub whilst my mum worked downstairs in the bars. Grandad also owned the Blue Saloon fish and chip shop at the end of Hastings wall bottom of the High Street. Wonderful memories of my childhood in Hastings.

Lynda Whatley… Jacqueline, Grandad also ran the Lifeboat pub on the seafront some time I believe – also our cousins Val Teddy and Phillip White ( children of Nell and Harry White ) lived next door to Grace Adams and Bernard and June Adams in -Hastings Wall- ( East Street) – I think they too were cousins – my child hood memories !!

Dudley Mendenhall… Then the Shipleys took over not long after but didn’t know when.