Bubble Wrap – who likes doing this?

Jan Warren… Yeah and still like a good popping session now?!!

Clifford Rose… I even rip old jiffy bags open just to pop the insides.

Jan Warren… Oh Clifford, you’re a real addict then?! Haha… there’s nothing like a sheet of bubble wrap to keep you entertained for a while?! – very therapeutic too?

Pete Prescott… I did that this morning !  I’m still a child !

Janet Rennie… I used to wrap myself in it , made a little pillow and go to sleep

Pauline Richards… Pleas stop! Or just bring it into st.michaels hospice shop at queens rd. We are desperate for it to wrap our bric a brac in. Thanks in advance!

Joe Knight… Still do love packages

Elaine Stock… I still do this, love the huge ones you can stamp on! lol

Dave Nattress… Definitely the large bubbles, some of the suppliers of materials we receive use air-filled bags to pack out the boxes and to stop the stuff moving around in transit, (and other types of popular vans), in long strips and the bubbles are really large.  They make a really great noise when popped one after the other on a concrete floor – recommend it – great big kid’s stuff.

Perri Ann Haste… I still do, you can’t beat a bit of bubble wrap therapy