Free – Fire and Water album autographs supplied by Pete Houghton

Andy Qunta… Fabulous! Great band, great album!

Tony Court-holmes… saw them live can not remember where

Neil Partrick… That’s, like, really free.. (not).

Chris Jolly… Saw them perform most of this album at the IOW festival in 1970… Splendid they were too!

Dave Nattress… Wonderful band, incredible album, the best for me and I’ve got just about everything Free did, several times over. Paul Rodgers, back then and still a fantastic vocalist, an idol for me undoubtedlt, Andy Fraser, such a unique bass player – RIP, Paul Kossoff, amazing unique sound from his battered old Les Paul – RIP, Simon Kirke, as solid a drummer as anyone. All so very young when they got together in 68/69. Andy Fraser was 15, Paul Kossoff 17 I think, PR and SK maybe a year older. Saw them at Brighton Dome in 1971/1972 – I’d think I’d remember but unsure. By which time Andy Fraser had left to be replaced by Tetsu Yamauchi and I think Paul Kossoff was unavailable and “health issues” had brought about his departure from the band, and filling in was Rabbit , (John Bundrick) ,on keys. I have found an old poster on the www for October 18th 1972 and think this is the only one they played at The Dome. It has been said that somewhere in the world “All Right Now” is being played on a radio station every minute of every day. That’s good earnings for Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser’s estate and a good few more who are getting a cut also! Any Free fans check out “Paul Rodgers Free Spirit” a CD and DVD recorded at the RAH in 2018 – all the best tracks. What a collector’s piece this autographed album must be.

Pete Fisher… Recommend Free’s “Songs Of Yesterday” boxed set…

Pete Prescott… I saw Free in Sep 72 on Kossoff’s last tour. He was out of it sadly. Tetsu and Rabbit wee in the gig. It was at Fairfield Hall Croydon. I’ve seen Rodgers a good few times over the years. Amazing singer.

Dave Nattress… Indeed Pete, I have The Songs of Yesterday box set, also the fantastic Bio by David Clayton who ran the Free Appreciation Society. It’s been rumoured for a while that there may be more archive stuff to come but as yet I’ve heard agreement by the parties who have a shout in getting it together has not yet been reached.


What is your favourite Live album?

Mick Knights… Lou Reed. Rock and Roll Animal.

Matt Thomas… Nocturne – Siouxsie & The Banshees

Shaun Pont… Slade Alive!

Kevin Sherwood… Strangers in the Night – UFO

Paul Crimin… Live and Dangerous-Thin Lizzy

Tim Moose Bruce… Frampton Comes Alive. Live n Dangerous. E.T.I by Blue Oyster Cult, If You Want Blood

David Broome… Live in the Heart of City also like Two for the Show by Kansas

Linda McGregor… Frampton Comes Alive.. saw him about 3 years ago, did this album in full, amazing

Dave Valentine… Johnny Cash At San Quentin, 801 Live, Iron Maiden – Live After Death, Daft Punk – Alive

Alan King… Back It Up – Nils Lofgren or or this one – Bert Jansch – Live at the 12 Bar (and not just because I produced it)

Len Smith… Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping, Funky but Live, Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band

Graham Sherrington… CREAM at the Albert Hall their reunion

Mike Mitchell… It’s Alive – The Ramones

Phil Gill… Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore. The Who Live at Leeds. All the other live albums can get in the sea.

Alan King… dunno about that, as i get older i’m getting fed up with production and find myself only listening to live stuff, yes most official ‘live albums’ are over produced too, but I even quite like some mid Pink Floyd stuff ‘live’ some very good Top Gear sessions of Atom Heart Mother and Echoes – both pieces I don’t think I could ever sit through the studio versions of ever again

Dave Edwards… Alan King, forgot Little Feat Electrif Lycanthrope and Allman Brothers a dead cert.

Jim Breeds… Stop Making Sense, Alan

Nigel Sherwood… Uriah Heep live 1973

Jan Warren… The Live Adventures of…. Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper!

Colin Bell… Live At Leeds & Around The World With Three Dog Night

Jackie Hersee… Carol King live at Hyde Park

Julian Deeprose… Live and Dangerous – Thin Lizzy, by a country mile for me 🙂 Captures the very essence of a Lizzy gig, all the energy and power just cracks through. Still makes the hairs stand up every time I play it.

Alan King… but it wasn’t live was it ? all mocked up in the studio by all accounts – all a very large part of it was over dubbed – doesn’t mean it ‘aint a half decent album though – it’s just not as ‘live’ as it pretends to be

Julian Deeprose… That is a moot point as Tony Visconti who produced it says a lot of it was over dubbed whereas Chris O’Donnell the Lizzy manager hotly disputes this and says that it is 75% live but taken from different shows and only Scott Gorhams parts on 2 tracks a few essential cleanups and crowd noise overdubbed. Scott confirms this version of events. The important things is that the result is a superb album which for me recreates the 14 times that I saw Lizzy live. Halcyon days 🙂An interesting comparison is the Still Dangerous album which features several of the same recordings warts and all.

Louise Burt… Had this album its fantastic but sadly it was stolen along with all my other records in 2018

Jack Apps… All of them

Colin Gibson… I sing the body electric    Shouting in Key.    Rock of Ages

Paul Gray… It’s Too Late To Stop Now – Van Morrison.

Barry French… Wishbone Ash. Live Dates

Dave Nattress… Wow a difficult one!! Cream reunion at the RAH, Free live at the Isle of Wight and The Live adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper, 1968, got the double CD and the double vinyl, played it just the other night. Takes me back to 68 formative years and all that.

Martyn Baker… Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous is hard to beat as an album, but bits of it may well be dangerous, but they’re certainly not live! I was in Tony Visconti’s studio when the guitar overdubs were being done!

Alamo Leal… Martyn, I sign underneath! Followed close by the Get Yer Ya’s Ya’s Out , of the Stones.

Tim Moose Bruce… Yessongs

Steve Blackman… Gregg Allman Live at Macon

Clive Richardson… Glastonbury triple album.

Martin Richter… live at the hope and anchor

Kevin White… Seconds Out Genesis, 08:30 Weather Report, Zappa live in New York, Deep Purple live in Japan.


Uppers On The South Downs – LP


Terry Pack on the South Coast Ska Stars…One of the many, many records of mine that I don’t have a copy of. A Ray Fenwick production. The South Coast Ska Stars were Wesley Magoogan, Tony Bird, Kevin Hoad,  Ray and I. We did two songs: Head On (sung by Ray) and Ring Of Fire, an instrumental version in 5/4.

Kevin Hoad…..As Terry has stated.That was the line up.I have a copy still.And the album on safari records is selling well.In the Parker is Wes Magoogan, Tony Bird on the left. I Thankyou.


Wesley Magoogan….This compilation album was put together by our own version of Simon Cowell ,Ray Fenwick .

Andy Knight….Re the covers, the top one is the CD version, the guy on the Vespa is the Vinyl version, that’s what I have anyway, the vinyl was what we were given at the time, I bought the CD from HMV! the CD came out in 1994 I think.

Mick O’Dowd….Still got my vinyl version with scooter boy.

Tony Bird….Uppers on the South Downs LP was recorded at my Studio (WING) in Ninfield and Ike Nossel (Park Gates Studio) in Catsfield ………produced by Ray Fenwick

Terry Pack….The tracks done at Wing (8 track) often sounded better than those done on 24 track at Park Gates! Most notably the demo versions of certain singles

Andy Knight….We (Missing Persons) did some recording at a studio on the road to Hawkhurst called Bluebell Studios, owned by an author of children’s books I think?

Ken Copsey…  As a 16 year old it would have been nice to have had a bit more care and guidance. The production on everything the Teenbeats recorded was appalling. The only thing anyone was interested in was trying to make a fast buck out of Huggy’s charasismatic personality, which apart from stopping and starting at the same time was all the Teenbeats had. Its good to see that someone is making some money out of these recordings because we never did. Not even the 50,000 singles sold in Canada. Rock ‘n ‘ Roll. Same old story. On the subject of songwriting credits all the self penned Teenbeats tracks appeared on later compilations credited to people I have never heard of. A new mod compilation has just been released with Strength Of A Nation on it but strangely none of the other tracks on Uppers.

Pete Prescott… I don’t know what happened to my copy. So many Hastings guys on it. A lot of it was recorded at Tony Birds studio. And some at park gates.

Robert Searle… Did some tracks at Bluebell studios with Ray Fenwick with Rev Stockdale,Paul Freeman and a fantastic sax player didnt know his name and me on bass guitar. Didnt know what happened to the recordings.

The Age Of Atlantic compilation 1970


The Age Of Atlantic. This one got a lot of plays.
Side One
“Comin’ Home” (Bramlett/Clapton) – Delaney & Bonnie (with Eric Clapton)
“Tonight” (MC5) – MC5
“Black Hearted Woman” (Allman) – Allman Brothers Band
“Survival” (Anderson) – Yes
“I’m a Good Woman” (Ozen) – Cold Blood
“Whole Lotta Love” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
Side Two
“Termination” (Brann/Dorman) – Iron Butterfly
“The Last Time” (Jagger/Richards) – Dada
“Communication Breakdown” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
“Wash Mama Wash” (Rebennack) – Dr John
“Need Love” (Stein/Bogert/Martell/Appice) – Vanilla Fudge
“Broken Arrow” (Young) – Buffalo Springfield

John Storer… This was the first sampler album I ever bought and I absolutely loved it. Only bought it because it retailed at 99p but became an album I played for many years afterwards. I’d heard of some of the bands on it but Zep were the only band I’d actually ever heard before. The intro to “Comin’ Home” is one of the ringtones on my iPhone and “Broken Arrow” started me on an enduring love of Buffalo Springfield – one of the few bands from the last century I still listen to regularly. Dada’s cover of “the Last Time” is one of my favourite covers – prefer it to the original. Now have the compilation on CD and it still gets the occasional play 44 years on. Dada also featured Elkie Brooks

Sarah Harvey… Got this album….and loved this track Tonight MC5.

Terry Huggins… I  had this, but gave it to one of my kids. Cold Blood never really made it in the UK, but are still playing and quiet well known over the pond. I think Lydia Pense is the only original member. They don’t tour overseas very often because of the cost of keeping such a large band on the road. Da Da evolved into Vinegar Joe and featured Elkie Brooks and Buffalo Springfield featured Neil Young and Steve Stills. Vanilla Fudge reformed and still play occasionally.

Mick O’Dowd… Delaney & Bonnie track was my fave from this album

Andy Qunta.… Delaney & Bonnie always loved this track since I first heard it played over the speakers at lunchtime at good old Hastings College of F.E.! Heard a lot of good music in that situation actually!

Mark Sims…..I remember this album.

Martyn Baker… One of my first albums. Loved it!

Mark Gilham… Bought it for the MC5 track alone. Long gone afraid!

Terry Huggins….  Not sure what Dr, John’s doing now, but he’s no spring onion.

Jon McCallion… Yes still got it, and it still plays perfectly

Patrick Lewis… Still have it. Great album, best tracks: Survival by Yes and Broken Arrow by Buffalo Springfield.

Tony Court-holmes… can you get it on cd?



Together – compilation LP – CBS Records 1971


supplied by Pete Prescott

Johnny Winter – Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo, Ballin’ Jack – Found A Child, Janis Joplin     – Move Over, Santana – Se A Cabo, Argent – Cast Your Spell Uranus,  Big Brother and The Holding Company – Mr Natural, Dreams  – New York City,  Soft Machine  – Teeth, Poco  – A Man Like Me, Tom Rush – Merrimac County, The Byrds  – Lover Of The Bayou, Mick Softley – Waterfall, Trees  – Fool, Spirit – Morning Will Come, Laura Nyro – Beads Of Sweat, Chamber Brothers – Going To The Mill.

Alan Pepper… Now out of all the samplers from the 70’s – that one I don’t remember ! When I was 14 at the Grove my best buddy Jumbo played me Bumpers which turned me onto Rock while I played him Tighten up volume two and we enjoyed reggae music. !!! Happy Daze ….

Pete Prescott… My brother Steve had the best of Tamla Motown volume 2. We all loved that.

Neil Steadman… I’ve got this on blue vinyl! Had my copy for 45 years. Still plays beautifully. Also have Bombers. The Polydor double sampler.

What is your most treasured vinyl?


source: vintage tv tv channel

Philip John… Okay Alan, it’s hard to choose just one so I’v pared it down to the top 5. No.1 would be LOVE / FOREVER CHANGES. No.2 MOTT THE HOOPLE / MAD SHADOWS. No.3 THE ROLLING STONES / LET IT BLEED. No4. FLEETWOOD MAC / RUMOURS. No5. SPIRIT / 12 DREAMS OF DR.SARDONICUS.

Phil Gill… Signed copy of Todd Rundgren’s “Back to the Bars”. He signed it for me the first time I met him.

Lucy Pappas… Pink Floyd Relics and the hugely scratched Yes Album

Jim Breeds… All of it!

Chris Meachen… Original Blue Horizon label ‘Albatross’ autographed by Peter Green…

John Wilde… Marvin Gaye

Patrick Lewis… Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), American Beauty (Grateful Dead) and the eponymous Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Keith Forbes…  little feat, waiting for columbus.

Amanda Brooks… Witchcraft Coven – Blood on Snow

Martyn Baker… Kokomo

Andy Qunta… Too many to mention all of them! Top of the list ‘Axis: Bold As Love’

Eric Cawthraw… In an age where media access is all so easy with download this and Spotify than, you no longer have to hunt down those little gems of musical magic. It took me about 10 years to track down a copy of the Canned Heat album ‘Livin the Blues’ – mono, on the blue Liberty label. I still love it. I finally tracked it down in good old Flyright Records in Bexhill. Happy days!

Dave Nattress… A good few vinyl specials – T2 “It’ll All Work Out in Boomland”, Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper, “Live Adventures”, England “Garden Shed”, “An Electric Storm” by The White Noise, these will do for now. Delighted to say I’ve also managed to pick them up on CD.