To Sir With Love Film – Classic Gaiety Cinema 10th December 1967


Dave Nattress… I remember this film – almost/sort of attained Cult status. Great song and vocal and just look at all those amps and speaker cabinets behind Lulu. Marshall’s some of them for sure, although it’s a hazy image. Mind you the other film Karamoja – naked people indeed, must have been a bit out there for the time. I recall being all of 12 – 15 or so and hearing that there was one cinema in Hastings that had the reputation for putting on mainly “x” films, would it be the Curzon? We had none of that in sedate Bexhill you know! Even the Lone Ranger at the ABC minors was edited as too violent and the gun-shots were silenced otherwise they’d wake the old-folk up. One of which (so the numbers say, I suppose I am now). LOL. Life’s been glass half full mostly and then overflowing a lot of times thankfully, but it’s gone by so far damn quickly.

Andre Martin… Fact – in the end part of the film when they are at the School Dance the group appearing are “The Mindbenders” and this had been filmed in Windsor using an old barracks for the scene.



Lulu – All About the Music Tour. White Rock Theatre 10th Oct 2017.


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Following on from her smash hit 2016 tour Lulu returns with her biggest tour yet! There is one overriding influence in the life of this acclaimed singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, Grammy and Novello Award nominee, and that is, it has always been ‘All About the Music’ Lulu delivers a show packed full of her hits, new songs and songs that have influenced and guided her throughout her incredible career. “I toured for the first time in 15 years in 2015 and haven’t stopped since.  I absolutely love playing live and can’t wait to be out on the road again in autumn this year performing the music that I have shared with you throughout my career…it has always been all about the music…so please come and join me” – Love Lulu

Pat Burgess… Wish we could see it