White Rock Pavilion Hastings menu 1978

Chris van Rock… No vegan options then

Martin Richter… vegans hadn’t been invented then ?

Jacqueline Patton… Even vegetarians lurked in the background and everyone thought you were bonkers

Chris van Rock… Jacqueline, we will never take over but if we turn a few off the cruelty of dairy farming then we will always be winners

Jim Breeds… Cheese pizza, Peas, Tomato”! What sickness was this!?

Allyson Breeds… I’m very disappointed, why are there no peas with the sausages!

Peter Checksfield… Why no bacon with the liver?

Martin Richter… Brexit?

Keith Cowper… In the 60s when I was performing in shows there I would leave my day job and go to the cafe and have poached eggs and anchovies on toast.set me up for the show!!

Pete Fisher… true gourmet eating…

Mick O’Dowd… Plaice & Chips for 65p!!!! If you look Allyson, everything has peas. Sausages have 50p’s

Pete Fairless… Thought they were pretty radical, when they did onion rings in the early ’80s…

Jacqueline Patton… Can they have a Roll Back event

Alan Pepper… By the way we will have to update this nursery rhyme now –  Jack Sprat would eat no fat , His wife could eat no Dairy, soya, nuts, gluten, E numbers etc ……

Stuart Moir… Proof that greed has forced prices up and up