Looking for information on Malcolm Wrenn (might be Wren)

John Gale… This is going to be a very long shot, but im looking for any photos or a connection to a little “” combo ” my late dad played in back in the 70s, Dad played drums and he hooked up with a keyboard player from Battle, called Malcolm Wrenn (might be Wren),,, I think at one stage they had a guitarist / vocalist called Dave , but he emigrated. They went under the name of SOUNDS UF BLUE and had a number of residences, notably a weekend one, at the Railway Club, just above Warrior Sq Station on the hill going up from The Royal Pub opposite on the hill… It was always busy and there must have been others on here who ventured in there or even played there 🤞🤞. With all all the photos my dad had, we cannot find one of Malcolm. There’s a few of the club itself, I’m remember Malcolm being a nice guy and played a wicked Hammond style organ. They played covers of hits at that time Any info would be appreciated cheers (Dad would have looked like this below)

Shaun Pont… The name rings a bell with me. I think he went to Claverham when the school opened in 1955 with my uncle. If he is who I think he is then he lived on Battle Hill in the 1980’s.

John Gale… he lived opposite the petrol station down St Mary’s Terrace on the right,,, waa married but I can remember his wife’s name

Rob Welford… Malcolm was my uncle, unfortunately he passed away just before Christmas having spent the last couple of years in a home suffering from parkinsons aged 79. His wife Catherine (Kay) still lives in Battle.

John Gale… omg. That’s so sad , Please pass my condolences onto Rob and his family, I will let mum know., she will be very sad. Thank you for passing onto me Alan.

Keita Wrenn…. Hi, only just seen this. I am the daughter of Malcolm, if you would like to contact me please do. keitawtenn@gmail.com

John Gale… Keita, I will email you, dad was your dad’s drummer.