The Manish Boys – with Davy Jones (David Bowie) – Witch Doctor 30th Jan 1965



manish boys david bowie

leaflet source:

supplied by Rod Smith Hastings and Area, Past and Present Facebook Page and Ad supplied by Andre Martin

Rod Smith… “Apparently, David Bowie never played in Hastings but did play four times in St Leonards, at The Witch Doctor, Marine Court. On 13th Nov. 1964 and 30th January 1965 as Davy Jones & The Manish Boys. On 17th July 1965 as Davy Jones and The Lower Third. The final time was when he had become David Bowie and appeared there as David Bowie and The Buzz on 3rd September 1966. This is the leaflet from their site for 30th Jan.1965”

Jim Breeds… Good stuff.

Mick O’Dowd… This should help clear the fact that he didn’t appear with The Konrads on Hastings Pier with Tony Rivers & The Castaways.

Peter Fairless… True story

Gerry Fortsch… I got to know John Watson the bass player in the Manish Boys, what a nice and talented guy, he lived in Maidstone at the time, does anyone know what he has been up to since?

Graham Matthews… Gerry, there was a John Watson playing bass in the original line up of 999 formed in London, don’t know if it’s the same one.

Gerry Fortsch… Graham, Hi mate, the last thing I heard about John was that he was training to be a concert pianist, I remember 999 I am sure that wasn’t him, cheers.