SMART SOUNDS – Factory gig Marina Fountain 29th April 2016 and cd review by Colin Bell


© Nastassja Kaschevsky Hastings Local Band Photos

So there we all were again for the second coming (this century!) of Andy, Tony, Jaffa, Laurie, or simply our very own local (Hastings/Bexhill) heroes Factory. After the re-union gig last October at the Carlisle the guys promised a return and return they did and this time with the extra treat of an album, a physical CD we can hold in our hands! Ok, I know these days music comes out of the air in files or whatever and I may be a luddite but I like something I can hold/look at/read etc. Anyway..after the ever excellent Roger Carey and Steve Cooke the boys hit the Marina stage and from ‘Call of the Wild’ to ‘Time Machine’ 18 songs later they ROCKED! with an energy and passion and for what they do, I said it before after the re-union gig and i’ll say it again the sheer energy and stamina on display would defeat many much younger bands. Whether old favourites or new material it all delivered. Highlights were many I particularly enjoyed Lightning From Heaven, Scarlet Lady, Am I Mad, Jig a Jig and Lady Muck where Andys keyboard skill and artistry reminds me so much of Ray Manzarek. Tonys fiery pyrotechnics on guitar and violin are a joy to watch, while Lauries ‘Moony’ antics and Jaffa’s solid bass bring it all together. So glad they did their ‘nod’ to the Roger Daltrey days with Behind Blue Eyes in the encore too, always one of my favourite Who tracks. Another great night for us all. If you didn’t make it along you can at least as aforementioned now enjoy a Factory CD!

This is where I put my professional journalist/reviewer hat on….how im supposed to be dispassionate is another matter…! Opening with a sample of the original recording of Time Machine before sliding into Call of the Wild, followed by Castle on the Hill (originally of course b side to Time Machine) the boys take us on a 15 track trip which rocks, lulls at times and has an overall ethereal quality that pervades the brain. There is a lot to absorb, all tracks are written by the band and I found it interesting that Tony’s compositions are intrinsically ‘english’ in feel/whilst brother Andys songs (in the main) have a whiff of the US West Coast about them, all those years in L.A.? They of course may well disagree! Jaffa’s ‘Howard’ is just great, a dark fable John Entwhistle would have been proud of. Harvey Summers has done a great job on production at capturing the Factory ‘sound’. Its just great after 40 odd years to have something tangible to listen to. One niggle…it would have been great to have had ‘bonus’ tracks of crowd pleasers par excellence Jig-A-Jig/Behind Blue Eyes maybe ‘live’, but I can see it from both sides of the coin! But very happy to be ‘Back In The Time Machine’.   Till next time……. Colincolin-head-111x150-111x150

Neil Steadman… The Factory video has turned out well Alan. It’s on a mobile but the quality is surprisingly decent. Great on the main home system. Their sound balancer knew his job.

Alan Esdaile… I think that was down to Roger Carey.

Neil Steadman… Hats off  to them.

Teresa Qunta… EXCELLENT review of the Factory Marina Fountain gig AND the Back in the Time Machine CD! (Available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc!!)

Factory – gig Marina Fountain 29th April 2016


photo by Neil Steadman

Alan Esdaile… Well done to Factory and Roger Carey & Steve Cooke last night at Marina Fountain. Great night.

Neil Steadman… What a cracking night!!!

Tony Davis… Great night guys – well done.

Natasha Kaschevsky… Fantastic!

Pete Fisher… video clips please!

Alan Esdaile… a few people were recording Pete, so hopefully something will crop up soon.

Natasha Kaschevsky… I recorded a few snippets, and I’ll upload them later!

Jim Breeds… A Factoritastic night! I took some photos but only 1 video. Jig a Jig as it happens. No idea if it’s any good. Only just got home to Berkshire and haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Very pee’d off that somehow during the CD autographing manoeuvres I seem to have lost the insert booklet! Will have to find out from the boys how to get a replacement.

Teresa Qunta… I filmed about half the show (and shot stills during the rest) Be on the lookout!

Iain Cobby… Fantastic night guys. Thanks for bringing together many old and new friends along with old memory’s. You were the band we all looked up to and you still are. A blistering (on the moon) set with old faves and your new album. Look forward to your next outing, please don’t leave it too long. Well done Roger for your set and for the excellent sound engineering. Here’s to absent friends.

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Ian! Hope to catch up with you again soon!

Jim Breeds… Yes, it was good to chat to Iain.

Hastings Rock Music Fest 2015 – bands wanted.

11076273_657090567769737_7356834820732058054_n 16884_662467503898710_3425181646865146460_n

Sarah Harvey…. I am looking for some willing bands / artists to take part in this year’s Hastings Rock Music Fest 2015, in aid of Hastings Rock. Provisional date is Sunday May 24th at The Marina Fountain, Hastings…. this is during the broadcast so will have an added impetus. Any current bands / artists or reunion bands (hint hint) out there willing to help out and do an hour set (or less if you don’t have a lot of material).! Doesn’t have to be rock, however I draw the line at symphony orchestras :-). There must be a reunion band out there wanting a bit of airing for a good local musical cause.

Anyone interested let me know and I will pass on your details to Sarah