Who remembers Mr Cherry’s?

Yvonne Cleland… That’s a yes from me.

Peter Fairless… Oh, yes!

Neil Cartwright… Remembers? Has it gone???

Andrew Freeman… Oh yes!

Peter Thomson… First place I ever tasted Fosters lager, on a warm summer evening. It was genuine Ozzy fair, imported and served from a tinny. Tasted ok but was significantly stronger than the artificial urine we get now. You want to know how bad it is? Try it at room temperature! This is CAMRA signing off…

Jim Breeds… Definitely!

Patrick Lewis… Quite a few happy nights there in the mid to late 70’s

Jim Breeds…  I think you might be right Pat.

Chris Giles… Yes I used to go there …it was a long walk but ok if you were going into scalliwags later

Alan Pepper… Was it opposite what is now AZUR ? I think we did go there 1977 en route to Scalliwags Fridays ‘back in the day’ !! When the Bee Gees ruled the decks . Get on down !

Alan Esdaile… Yes opposite Azur, Alan.

Jane Dorsett…  went to mr cherrys every weekend,in the mid 70s,then up Saturdays.

Diane Knight… Passed my college years in there !!!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Loved it there – used to pop in lunch times when at College, and, like others, before going down Scallis

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Lower parade and shelters, Marina, St Leonards-on-Sea postcard

supplied by Colin Bell

David Edwards… The Skyscraper

Mike Waghorne…David, QE11 in dry dock !

Pauline Sims… Thank you for sharing this!

Mick O’Dowd… What no Jim the Jolly Fish?

Allan Mitchell… Awesome‼️ What Year Was This

Colin Bell… Not sure exactly Allan, it came from a pile of my Dad’s things, but it’s somewhere between late 40’s early 50’s (the St Leonards Pier visible in the background was finally dismantled in 1951) so cant be later

Stuart Moir… Looks about 1950s