Sundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976



Sundowners Discotheque – Eastbourne. Light Fantastic, Centre Page and Marmalade April 1976. Remember seeing lots of bands here, always a great night.

Chris Coleman… spent a lot of my misspent youth in there lol

Jane Hartley…  Nipped over there after the pubs chucked out and got in before they closed the doors!

Virginia Davis… Forgot about Sundowners. Used to go a lot

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw lots of bands there & also, across the road at Kings Country Club – although that was more ‘cabaret’ style artists & comedians. The Barron Knights, Tony Bennett, Mike Reid, Freddie Starr to name but a few!

Charlie Ball… Sweet sensation !…. Used to love the Sundowners, Good fun

Alan Esdaile… Sad Sweet Dreamer Charlie. I think I saw them. I remember seeing Mud and The Real Thing at The Sundowners.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes! Saw them too Charlie! Did we go together?! Lol ️xx Great times! Oh to be young again, eh, Mr B?! ️xx

Paul Austin… Reflections of my life by Marmalade… One of my favourite songs of all time!

Mark Gilham… I played opposite there at Kings Country Club in a cabaret band when I was a 17 year old student!

Jane Dorsett… saw lots of bands at sundowners, had my 18th birthday at kings country club, at will be 40 years ago tomorrow. were has all the years gone, love to do it all again.

Colin Bell… Did some djing there and first saw The Drifters at Kings C.C. over the road, when Johnny Moore was the lead singer, a really lovely guy with a great voice. Im sure Andre did some djing there too?
Or has my memory gone wonky…!

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Marmalade – Hastings Pier 27th July 1969



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, photo from 1968 Theoldcomposer

Marmalade did some great records but sadly only seemed to remembered for Ob-La-Di. This is the greatest track they did….

Colin Norton… Absolutely agree with Alan – “Rainbow” was another good one..

Andy Qunta… Great record!

Dave Nattress… Totally agree. Used to see them on TOTP’s a lot and they did some great singles. Bought The Very Best of Marmalade on CD years ago from the record shop that used to be in George Street on the left between the Pump House and the big old hardware shop. Is on the Fat Boy Records label – 1993.

Alan Esdaile… I think you mean Old Town Music, Dave.


supplied by Tony May

Diane Neve… Marmalade, Bring back the good times.


Marmalade – Aquarius 19th May 1973

19th may 1973 - marmalade


Mike Guy… Did they ever play any jam nights? I bet they are well-preserved!

Pete Fisher… spreading rumours??

Jim Breeds… Did they ever cover Toast?

Mike Guy… Let’s keep the posts Seville!

Tony Davis… Perhaps they should orrange a reunion

Dave Nattress… Very good chaps!! No I mean it. Remember them from Top of the Pops, great band. I have a greatest hits CD.


Marmalade singer Dean Ford dies

Junior Campbell(guitar) and Dean Ford(vocals), during recordings for Dutch TV programme Fenklup, 5 April 1968. Photograph by W. Veenman

Eric Harmer… Shame. Great voice

Roy Winchester… so sad memory of my youth r.i.p matey

David Broome… R.I.P. Reflections Of My Life is my favourite song by Marmalade.

Alan Esdaile… Terrible news. Reflections of my life is one of my all time favourites.

Robert Searle… with that lovely guitar solo from Junior Campbell.

Jan Warren… Oh, that’s sad, I rather liked Marmalade – R.I.P. Dean Ford

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace Dean Ford

Alan Parker… how sad, only 3 days into the new year and the list is rising already

Dave Nattress… Great shame, I remember seeing them on TOTP’s and many great singles. Got their greatest hits on a CD.

Pauline Richards… It’s started again. So many musicians already!

David Broome… Forgot he was one of the vocalist on The Alan Parsons Project album Pyramid.

Pete Prescott… Reflections of my life. I saved my paper round Money to bye that. Loved his singing.

Eric Harmer… Pete, same here

Joe Knight… One of my favourite