Coloured Raisins & DJ Marshal Scott – Hastings Pier 29th June 1968




Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Mick O’Dowd.….What an excellent band they were. I remember seeing them and being well impressed. Impressed enough to buy there one and only album(I believe) on Major Minor label? They dropped “The Coloured” tag a bit later but does anybody know what happened to them after that.

Andre Martin…..I think it was on the way home from this gig, they were involved in a road accident and one member of the band was killed, when a badly packed speaker cabinet moved a hit one of them on the head .Here is the Observer write up from that Saturday 29 June 1968.

Tia Mara… Research Black Velvet Band in which 4 members continued as the band.

The Phoenix City Setback – Hastings Pier 24th August 1968.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… The Phoenix City Setback – August 24th, 1968. I know nothing about this group. Anyone remember them?

Mick O’Dowd… Not even a vague memory.

Andre Martin… There was a band of similar name from Manchester who were a hard working soul band in and around the NW, This could well have been an opportunity to play for a London Promoter – John Schofield. I have check my diary and that is who was booked in but I have to say that I don’t have any memories of the night.

Alan Esdaile… Not a clue. I thought Marshall Scott would have remembered buy no joy.

Kult – Hastings Pier 10th August 1968 and photo around 1969



Cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey,  photo supplied by Robert Searle

With Sunshine, Robert Searle, Pete O’Driscoll and John Hales.

Geoff Peckham... An evocative picture! I was young at the time but this band made a strong impression on me. Sunshine had that incisive Led Paul sound and Pete a strong stage presence. The pic encapsulates how I remember them.

Sarah Harvey… This Day August 10th, 1968. Another appearance locally, this time on the pier.

Joe Cocker – Hastings Pier 13th July 1968 & Kippington Lodge Brinsley Schwarz chat.

10369126_587211241424337_383738742639297432_n joe cocker

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…. Joe Cocker – July 13th, 1968. The reference to ‘Marjorine’ is merely trying to highlight his single from the ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ album of the same year. He was never nicknamed ‘Marjorine’. The single made the Top Ten on the British charts, remaining there for thirteen weeks and eventually reaching number one, on 9 November 1968.

Alan Esdaile…. Delta Lady was a great track around this time.

Sarah Harvey….  I agree….really liked Delta Lady. Although Delta Lady was a Leon Russell song…. a copy of which I have still got on Vinyl.

Alan Wood… Yes,I was there for this one,loved margarine ..

Richard J Porter… His drummer, Peter Gavgin-Rowney is on FB, I speak to him virtually daily.

Peter Howard… I bought my Ovation Magnum Bass from a guy who used to drum with the Fortunes, and then went on to play Bass for Joe Cocker


Mick Mepham… Dooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Missed this too!

Jenny Tyler… I was there.

Andre Martin… What you have not mentioned was that his backing band was called ” the Grease Band” Remember this gig as it was when John Schofield [Strand Entertainments] was promoting on the Pier. Chances are that Kippington Lodge would have been the Supporting band – they were on the pier nearly everyweek. Great show on the Sunday with The Episode formerly Episode, Six they were always popular on the Pier and a great bunch to work with.

Mick O’Dowd… Would that have been after the Deep Purplers left Andre ?

John Storer… Back in those days, Joe recorded for Regal Zonophone records, along with Procol Harum, The Move and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Remember going to St Helen’s Youth Club (the one outside Ore Village, not the one further along The Ridge) and Marjorine, With A Little Help From My Friends, and Delta Lady were regularly on the record player. Think all of these artists moved to Fly Records when EMI shut down RZ as a label, as seem to remember having a sampler album with them all on. The first ever Fly release was “Ride A White Swan” by T Rex followed, I think, by The Move’s Brontosaurus. Audio Bully’s sampled “Marjorine” to great effect on their second album

Colin Bell… Andre is right in his assumption that the support band was Kippington Lodge that night, I was backstage doing some chores for Jon (Schofield) that day. And Mick, I remember talking to Roger Glover at the Episode gig, cant remember if Ian Gillan was present but think he was….my memory isn’t what it was!

John Storer… Kippington Lodge were formed by Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz, and eventually renamed themselves after the latter, although for a short time they actually performed under both names. Any band responsible for this (one of my top 10 singles of all time) is pretty damn fine in my book.

Mick O’Dowd… Thanks Colin. I know what you mean about the memory thing I think.

Spooky Tooth – Hastings Pier 6th July 1968

10974604_630262447119216_4594124617420710566_o R-3062838-1313961768.jpeg

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Spooky Tooth formed in October 1967 and played on the pier on July 6th, 1968. 1969’s Spooky Two LP was the last album release by the original lineup. It included the song “Better By You, Better Than Me”, which was covered by Judas Priest on their 1978 release Stained Class. Many different line-ups for Spooky Tooth but after the original lin-up split in 1970, the band reformed in September 1972 with a different line-up. The best known member of these line-ups (from March 1973 to September 1974) was Mick Jones (guitar / vocals), later in Foreigner. Also from February — May 1974, Mike Patto (vocals) who replaced Harrison for the 1974 release The Mirror. The group then split again in November 1974.

Alan Esdaile… I remember Die Laughing doing a great version of Better By You Better Than Me.

Mick O’Dowd… I’ve only just caught up with them i’m afraid to say. Their version of “I Am The Walrus” is a blaster and being a bit of a “purist” that is saying something.

John Storer… Sarah, you forgot to mention Gary Wright …. he was the principal songwriter, went on to have a worldwide solo hit with “Dream Weaver” and reformed the band in 2004 for a successful tour. He has also been one of the mainstays of Ringo Starr’s backing band

Sarah Harvey… Hey John…..good spot! Sorry for the omission. Will be doing a Spooky compilation on my Hastings Pier Music Show in the early Spring. 🙂

Nigel Ford… And what about Bassist Greg Ridley, ‘ went on to join Humble Pie at the request of Steve Marriott! “Better by Better than me” was also in the set done by Maidstone band Krishna Kudu at the Battle dances.

Robert Searle… Did anyone mention Luther Grosvener,i think thats how you spell his name,on lead guitar.He left to join Mott the Hoople as Ariel Bender..

Bernard Tiltman… I can’t remember Spooky Tooth at Hastings Pier but I can remember them playing Hastings College. I was there from 1965 to 1970 so it could have been anytime between 67-70. Still remember them as one of the best if not the best live bands I have ever seen.

Graham Burfield… as Robert Searle mentions Luther Grovesnor was in spooky tooth as well and later in Mott the Hoople.

Iain Cobby… …. and another fact; both Ray Whisker (Drums) and Marc Eden (Vocals) were in the Luther Grosvenor Band at the same time as being in the Led By Zeppelin line up that recorded a live gig at Kerrang with me around 5 years ago. Luther tried to call the band Mott the Hoople until Ian Hunters lawyers told him the would sue.

Philip John… Just thought I’d mention that Luther also spent time in Stealers Wheel alongside Gerry Rafferty and continues to release solo albums, the last one in 2011 entitled ‘ If You Dare’ on Angel Air. Luther back in the ‘Mott’ days. Rooftop of The Hyatt Regency’ on Sunset strip in early ’74 after replacing Mick Ralphs who departed to form ‘Bad Company’ mid tour.


supplied by Philip John

Geoff Peckham… Kippington Lodge was Nick Lowe’s first band of note, wasn’t it? He went out with a girl who attended Hastings College with us, and he popped in occasionally.

Andre Martin… John Schofields of Strand Promotions stand by band, who appeared many times on Hastings Pier, when other acts were replaced at a moments notice !!

Mick O’Dowd… They weren’t bad either Marshal Scott.


The Nite People plus Orange Certificate – Hastings Pier 18th May 1968


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… The Nite People. Hastings Pier. May 18th, 1968. Originated from Bournemouth 1965. Nite People were signed to Fontana records in 1966 before signing to Page One in 1969. Recorded couple of demos for Avenue Artists 1967 at Bob Potter’s studio in Mytchett, Surrey and in London, 1969 to be included on their LP for Page One records entitled P.M.. They disbanded in 1970.
Their sole album originally issued in 1970 on the collectable Page One label and one of their rarest releases. Progressive/psychedelic sound dominated by Hammond organ/guitar with cool jazz-funk and rare-groove touches, including the mod-club classic “P.M.,” the superb instrumentals “Funky Hoe” and a top cover of Frank Zappa’s “Peaches en Regalia,” among others.

The Soul Supply Show – 1967 – Kit Kat Club



All cuttings Andre Palfrey-martin collection

kit kat clubsupplied by Mick O’Dowd

Jim Breeds….1966 directory at that address … “Ore & Clive Vale Constitutional Club (Thos. Spiers, sec.)” Kit-Kat Club sounds much more fun! 🙂

Mick O’Dowd….Only lasted a short while. Anybody know how long?

Andre Martin….I  think that it had all but finished by end of October 1967 – perhaps a little longer, but I don’t have much information after that.