Heatwave (original band) – Eastbourne 1970


heatwave-penny-farthing-records heatwave-1970-eastbourne-15

supplied by Martin H Samuel  http://www.heatwave.n.nu

John Fellows (bass / vocals), Terry Shea (rhythm guitar / vocals), Richard Steen (lead guitar / vocals), Martin H. Samuel (drums / pyrotechnics), Peter Allat (lead vocals / percussion).

Martin H Samuel… 1970 outdoor gig in Eastbourne.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember going to this gig?

Cigarette and Burning Boots – early 70’s


supplied by Martin H. Samuel

Martin H Samuel… 1972-1974, I played drums in a trio with Kult guitarist, Richard Melhuish, on Jersey, CI. Taffy Edwards was the bass player. The photo is we 3 playing at The Deep in St. Helier and known as, ‘Cigarette And Burning Boots’. Richard now lives in Modesto, California, USA.