Liquid Lunch – Joe Rytlewski & Martin Richter – Mr Cherrys


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photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Martin Richter…..I`ve still got those socks!! £7 a pair in the 80`s! burlingtons from ashleys and waxed doc marten raiders – from shelleys 🙂  nice pic of Bertie 🙂

Stuart Moir… Loved playing here, lots of years ago. The socks must have been a Christmas present.

Wesley Magoogan… Looks like in Harpers.

Joe Knight… Wow use to go there? But wouldn’t have reconised that crazy 😂old age 😂😂

Sandy Max…  I’d recognise Joe any time. .my ex used to be his drummer in the Pullbacks


The Pullbacks – various photos


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all photos Phil Little

Joe Rytlewski, Jez Gillett, Phil Little, Martin Redstar Richter.

Redstar Richter……gem s2 – nice kit jez 🙂

John Wilde…..Joe you are so fucking cool!

Redstar Richter…..john – you obviously weren`t in his band 🙂

Peter Pursglove (comments on Redstar Richter photo)…..Big Guitar foor a little ole lad he he.

Redstar Richter….I`ll grow into it!

John Mcewen…..Top band. Still miss hearing “The Story of the Blue’s”. !