The Clash photos – Hastings Pier 12th November 1977. photos © Martin van der Grinten

Paul Simonon backstage at Hastings Pavillion

photos © Martin van der Grinten

Ken Hatch… Great bass player

Ian Johnson… I was at the Clash gig on the pier when they had the Cimarons as the back up band a really great night

Willie Wicking… Was at this one

Douglas Palmer… I don’t recall the Clash on Hastings Pier but from 1971-76 I worked for Berfort Reproductions whose joint owner John Berwick regularly promoted groups on the Pier. I particularly remember Suzi Quattro. At the time of booking she was relatively unknown but by the time of her appearance in Hastings Can The Can was No 1 in the charts. Myself and my work colleagues had various duties that evening and were rewarded with meeting Suzi after the gig, my 15 year old nephew was overwhelmed to meet her. During the early 70’s John Berwick also had promotions including amongst others Thin Lizzy. Fun days

Peter Fairless… Thin Lizzy were a no show

Peter Houghton… I saw the Clash on the Pier and they signed my single for me