Robin Thicke Marvin Gaye Blurred lines

suggested by Wesley Magoogan


Alan Esdaile…  I like the line… there’ll be about 20,000 indie bands from the last 30 years getting extremely nervous that they’re about to hear from the Velvet Underground’s lawyer.

Jim Hobbs… Jimmy Savile (yes that one) made a comment on ‘Juke Box Jury’ in the sixties that we must be running out of ways to create original music. Maybe we have got to the point where we sample (modern word for steal) riffs or tunes from music of the past. Every tunesmith today is bombarded with music from so many sources that it must be tricky to create something that is completely fresh and new.

Jim Breeds… I remember that Saville comment well. I was horrified at the time that we might run out of new songs over the following couple of years! I expect that the Velvet’s lawyer is too worried about hearing from the lawyers of several late experimental classical composers who influenced John Cale and subsequently, Lou Reed. 😉

Carol Bolton… The Scissor Sisters took plagiarism to new heights, but they done it with style.

Classic Albums – What’s Going On Marvin Gaye by Mick O’Dowd


Mick O’Dowd… My all-time favourite album. A real classic!

Redstar Richter… an absolutely stunning album – we are not worthy! mother – too many crying – brother – too many dying (we need to think about this shit and move forward)

Alan Esdaile… Some albums are good, some are classics but this is in a different league. Excellent.

Redstar Richter… too true – if someone in the pub asked me I`d say “London calling” (lol) – but yeah – marvin was the man!

John Wilde… A pivotal album for Marvin which became an absolute classic. Amazing record.

Alan Pepper… Totally agree ! I never tire of listening to this great album . Followed closely by Stevie Wonders’ Innervisions. And side 2 of Abbey Road !!

John Storer… A great album but, when I’m in a Marvin kind of mood, I’ll tend to go for the follow-up to this album … the “Trouble Man” soundtrack. If I want things a little more upbeat, then it has to be 1983′s “Midnight Love” … also the NME’s “Album of the Year” back then. Taking nothing away from Mick’s choice, though.

Marvin Gaye – Isolated vocals – Amazing

Thanks to Wesley Magoogan for finding this. 

Wesley Magoogan….The Boss

Jim Breeds…..That’s good.

Alan Esdaile….Brilliant.

Chris Meachen…..Brilliant… but my brain can’t help filling in the accompaniment & backing vox…

John Wilde…..Wonderful.

Mick O’Dowd…..Shows what a TRUE talent he was. How many of todays young pretenders could pull it off!

John Storer….Breathtaking …. what a brilliant find. Would recommend to fans of Marvin the album “Yasiin Gaye – The Departure (Side One)” … produced by Amerigo Gazaway, its a mash up of Marvin (both songs and interview snips) and Mos Def, with snippets of songs by Tammi Terrell, James Brown, Talib Kweli et al added into the mix. The best mash-up since “The Grey Album”.

Anne Wells…..superb – great find