Delroy Williams – Soul Fever 78 tour with Mr Superbad



I was manager  of Delroy Williams at Mecca Agency and organised  ‘The Soul Fever 78 tour’ with Mr Superbad ‘Freddie Mack’ and ‘The Satin Bells’. Delroy’s still going strong and performs more reggae nowadays, as well as various movie and tv work . Including a spot in the ‘Batman’ film.  Really nice guy.




Pete Fisher… Amazing Alan. Although I spent eight years in the world of pro reggae I never came across his name, but have found out he’s a highly respected and accomplished artist. Amazing that you managed him, but strange that he was marketed here in the soul category, when he’s actually a reggae artist. His biography is really interesting, and apparently he organised the first annual open air reggae festival in 1966 in Brockwell Park, which went on until 1971. I also found out he acted in The Saint in an episode that seems to include a recording studio – I’d love to watch it but I guess I’ll have to buy the DVD as it’s not on youtube! Photos here…

Mick O’Dowd… Saw him on The Pier show. Really impressed as I was, and am, a soul man.