Memories of Chris Hutchinson by Stewart Rockett

Stewart Rockett… I’ve no idea why, but my thoughts this evening turned to my old chum, Chris Hutchinson, the ‘Mellow D Man’. The son of Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, a famous (and infamous) cabaret singer and pianist, Chris was a consummate songster, whose portfolio ranged from jazz to pop, but was always easy listening. A true gent, who loved Hastings with a passion. Chris passed away in 2017, and I for one miss him greatly.

Earl Grey… Class Act

Perri Ann Haste… Lovely man with a beautiful mellow voice

Moya Wilson… A lovely man xx

Pauline Richards… Crikey. That long ago. It only seems more recent

Nick Bloomfield… I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and created a little playlist of him live in 2016. There is also a small documentary about a singing group he was directing. He was a lovely man and whilst he was not at the height of his powers he was still an excellent entertainer.

Wendy Belton… Chris was a lovely man and joined us as a member of Conquest Hospital Radio in 2013 and we felt privileged that he sang at our wedding in 2015. We miss you Chris. A beautiful voice.

Colin Gibson… Last time I saw him was at Pete Burden’s memorial. Both delightful men very much missed.

Jeff Belton… Chris was a really nice guy. always praised me doing my radio shows, and said I had a good ear to music. Also liked to have a laugh. Did a number of radio shows together, liked the same kind of music, and had a great singing voice. Really miss him.

Nick Bearkeeper Rowland… I have attended several of his gigs in the past. He was a great performer and a real gentleman.

Remembering Chris Hutchinson The Mellow D Man

Nick Bloomfield… I missed mentioning this on then 16th March but it was 4 years since local jazz musician Chris Hutchinson (Mellow D Man) died. I’d only got to know him in that last year and he was already seriously ill when I filmed four of his songs in Bexhill. He was a lovely man and was also musical director for a singing group of pensioners in Silverhill. I made a short video of rehearsals of that too. His father was the legendary pianist & singer Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson. Leslie Hutch Hutchinson from Grenada and was a jazz superstar in the 20’s and 30’s but managed to get in big trouble with all the affairs he had with the nobles. One resulting in a pregnancy which killed off his income to a large extent. His name is Leslie ‘Hutch” Hutchinson and he was the inspiration for the character Jack Ross in Downton Abbey. He allegedly had affairs with Edwina Mountbatten. The rumour scandalised the British upper classes, becoming the subject of tabloid news, and an embarrassment to Lady Mountbatten’s royal in-laws. The Mountbattens sued the tabloids for libel. As a result of the scandal, Hutch was shunned by many of his former patrons. Other reported mistresses were the Hollywood actors Tallulah Bankhead and Merle Oberon. Hutch may have been bisexual and was alleged to have had relationships with Cole Porter, and Ivor Novello. A very busy chap by all accounts. There is a playlist of Chris (including the short documentary on the pensioners) on my YouTube channel for those interested.

Pauline Richards… 4yrs!

Linda Lowcock… My late mother in law actually new Hutch as a child as he was friends with her parents .She remembered him playing the piano in their house in London. I took her to see Chris Hutchinson singing at St Michaels Hospice one evening and she managed to have a chat with him about her memories. He was amazed that she had known his father. She became a fan and I took her to see him sing on several occasions and she bought his CD. As a surprise for her 80th birthday party I contacted Chris and asked him to sing at her party which he very kindly did and she was so happy. Her favourite song was A nightingale sang on Berkeley Square. We were very sad to hear he had passed away. Happy memories .

Paul Cullen… Knew Hutch for a long long time. Sad news. Sleep easy my friend

Perri Ann Haste… Lovely man with a lovely voice, I used to see him with his wife walking their dog at the Bos regularly. I can’t believe it is 4 years.

Chris Hutchinson R.I.P. (16th March 2017)


photo shared from Liane Carroll’s Facebook page

Liane Carroll… It is with great sadness I have to announce to those that may not have heard, that Chris Hutchinson passed away Thursday night. A wonderful, brilliant singer snd entertainer, and a truly beautiful gentleman. Much love and sympathy to dear Charlotte and other members of his family. R.I.P.Dear Chris. Thank you for your lovely music. Xxxxxxxxx

Ernest Ballard… That’s sad news

Tanya Eldridge… Sorry to hear. Bye bye Chris. I’ve been singing The Nightingale Sang in Barclay Square last few days and thinking of you. RIP and comfort and in great happiness. You shared so much joy. Love Tanya x

Philip Wood… So very sad to have heard this awful news, earlier today. We met in 1969 – shared a flat, for a while, had many, many laughs together – and a love of music. Why didn’t I call him in the New Year…….. Sincere condolences to Charlotte. I will be playing his music soon xXx

Funeral arrangements… 30th March at 3.30pm Hastings Crematorium.

Verna Juliana… Goodbye Chris…..II hope you are with your friends in that jazz club in the sky…

Cliff Fudge… Have been trying for years to track down Chris as we were both at Fortescue house school in Twickenham between 1960-65 where we formed a band for speech day 64 called the so’n’so’s doh! we both had a great love of music then I have now been playing drums pro on & off since 1971 all over the world-so good bye Chris my friend. Cliff Fudge.

Xilo Pan… Great man …amazing voice in song and in spoken …

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