Who remembers car indicators/ trafficator’s?

Tim Barton… there’s one or two still around  [my grandad had a morris with these until the end of the 80s]

Dave Lelliott… My Grandads Austin England.

Edward Adams… yes sometimes would not go down when the wind was blowing

Ralph Town… Had them on my 1958 VW Beetle LRC 518…where are you now?

Wendy Weaver… Had them on my Austin A30 in 1969

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Had those on my first car – Morris Minor (split screen)

Dave Edwards… Trafficators

Barry Upton… Saw one yesterday with her arm out the window as well to be sure

Lorraine Page… Yes

Pete Prescott… Remember them well.

Jeffrey Beadle… Trafficators I think they called them.

Nuttall Summerfield… Jeffrey, semaphore

Glenn Piper.. Oh yes

Roger Simmonds… I had them on a 1936 Buick straight eight , wish I had it now !

Bookham Ally… Ford Popular and they used to stick in the ‘out’ position.

John Coleman… That’s when people used to indicate!

Jerry L Harmon… u got me curious gang. I have no clue what these are, help me out

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… We had them on my dads Riley

Peter Bridger… Still have them on my Singer, though with flashing LED bulbs, and I use hand signals when possible as people still don’t see them!

Robert Fisher… Yes snapped a few off in my early driving days.

Roger Simmonds… Mine were clockwork I think went back in again after about 30 seconds !

Martin Richter… anyone remember *parking lights* ?

Edward Adams… Martin, yeah little red and white lenses you put on the drivers side of your car they are built in nowadays

Colin Anstee… My first car was an Austin A30 van, the right indicator used to stick, so lean back and give the unit a smack. Oh yes and it had a starting handle

Nigel Ford… Remember them on parents Morris Cowley SUL 515 in the early 60’s. We were later left a Wolseley 4/44 in 1970 that we got back on the road after having been laid up for many years that had them too, shiny leather seats that you slid around on pre seat belts of course. A circular twist knob in the middle of the steering wheel to activate the trafficators with an upward projection pointer.

Tracy Birrell… I remember them. We called them Blinkers.

Rose Biela… And who remembers cranking the car ?

Edward Adams… Rose, i do

Tim Moose Bruce… My favorite indicator system. It is also orange colour. Voice operated. Just say “Right turn Clyde “.

Richard 1066… Hi, still use them on my Worseley 4 44. 1955

Carol Anne… Gosh takes me back my old moggy minor had these

Dimarco’s Hastings closed on the 9th February 1985

photo from Hastings and Area, Past and Present  https://www.facebook.com/HAPP1066/

HAPP…. 9th February 1985, Dimarco’s closed for good. This is a photo of DiMarco’s on the day they closed, sent by Ann Clifton. Ann added “The gentleman sitting in the right hand corner was the last ever customer, with Michael and Phil Di Marco, Lou and Emily DiPaolo, me and my brothers – Luigi Antonio Di Paolo”.

Dennis Torrance… Such a nice place happy memories there great food and ice cream and milkshakes . My mum worked in the one below St Mary in the castle in early 60s

John Gale… Knickerbocker glory land, loved it there and always welcoming by the Di Marco family , I met some of them at Hastings united games., always enthusiastic fans

Willie Wicking… Many a time spent in there can still remember that distinctive sound of the coffee machines & the blue smoke haze from cigarettes

Liane Carroll… I loved that place very much My Auntie Vera was a waitress there. It was so brilliant. Xxx

Jim Reilly… All us old hooligans used to love DiMarcos, and never misbehaved in there, coz we treated the staff the way the treated us, fairly. Grub was good and reasonably priced too.

Graham Matthews… We lived out in the sticks so school holiday treat was a bus trip to Hastings and lunch in Di Marco’s was always on the list in the 1960’s. Still used it after I left school if I came to town. Loved it.

Pete Houghton… One of my favorites! When i came over from Bexhill for the day

Chris Meachen… Some of my fondest memories are of my dad taking me in there when I was a tot. I used to have an egg & tomato roll (still my favourite filling to this day) followed by an ice cream scooped out of the tubs built into the counter.. I remember ‘Mr louis’ who seemed to know dad quite well. DiMarco’s was always a favourite place to eat, drink a delicious milkshake & meet up with friends, I miss it even now..

Helen Knight… Remember it

Carol Arnold… Loved Dimarcos

Alan Esdaile… Happy memories. Always found the staff friendly and polite.

Patrick Turner… Had many a knickerbocker glory in there

Gerry Fortsch… Welsh Rarebit every time?

SMART coffee meet report 70

Great turn out for our 70th meet. Shaun Hanson was chatting to Colin Bell and Andre Martin about Boom Radio and 60’s and 70’s radio. Colin had with him an early Hastings Rock photo and one of his popular Top Sounds reviews. Mo Elms had indie band ‘Brinkman’ His Master Voice cd’s and mini discs of Queen, Fat Boy Slim and Now. Peter Ellingworth had books of Hastings Tramways Company 1899-1959 by Cliff Mewett and How The Railways Came To Hastings by Hastings Area Local Studies Project. Chris Stovold has a number of 78’s for sale and Pete Millington had gig tickets of when his group supported Rod Stewart Soul Agents. Barry French had a very early Hastings Pier postcard, where the person writing the card had added a pencil x to the photo, to show where the fire had started in 1917. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had a 1960’s photo of people outside ‘Photo Trade’ which was in Tackleway, in the Old Town Hastings. Dave Trodd had a photo of Pete Treger and a 1957 photo of the first intake of foreign students with locals. Lyn Williams had some ‘Record Song Books’ with cover prices of 9d and 1 shilling. Merv Kenard had a 7” single of Wonderful Radio London and a whole host of pirate radio recordings. Ian Marketis had Queen Box Set and also Queen postage stamps. Pete Prescott had photo albums of Lets Go to The Hop gigs in Bexhill in the 80’s. Sorry I didn’t get chance to get round to everyone. This is just a small bit of what I remember. If you had anything interesting you were talking about or anything I missed out or got wrong! then please feel free to add or correct.

Colin Bell… Great to see everyone & catch up. A busy afternoon! well done again Alan, take it easy now for the weekend. Great to join in so many interesting conversations all round the room

Mick O’Dowd… Colin, That last bit of sentence reminds me of the old TV show. Wheeltapppers & Shunters and the guy with the alarm bell to call order! Another classic Meet Alan! Interesting chat with Merv Kennard and Colin and a few others. Good turn out after a slow start. Happy anniversary Smarties! Well done Alan as usual a great well organised Meet. Keep the faith! Well done

Wendy Weaver… Thanks Alan. A really good afternoon. Graham and I enjoyed it.

Pete Prescott… I Really enjoyed it as usual.

Cris & Merv Kennard… Thanks Alan for another good afternoon catching up with lots of lovely people.

Eric Harmer… Thanks Alan. If it wasn’t for you We all would not get a chance to get together. Well done pal, great afternoon

Claire Lonsdale… Thanks Alan, very enjoyable as always. Looking forward to the next one! Xx

Jim Breed… Apologies for absence. Doctor’s appointment (shingles jab – how rock n roll is that!?) and some other chores

Peter Fairless… Shingles Jab’ was a 1971 ‘B’ side for proto-ABBA Scottish pop outfit Middle Of The Road, Jim…or perhaps not

Stephen Moran… I ’m really soon I couldn’t make it yesterday Alan. Great review as always.

Andy Qunta… Sounds excellent!

David Martin… Well done Alan , sorry I couldn’t make it I’ve got a dreadful cold. See you on the next one.

Colin Winn… Sounds like fun!

Darren Johnson… When is next one Alan. I must remember to put it in my diary.

Alan Esdaile… Usually every other month, so probably mid March, will confirm nearer the time. Someone did mention you, can’t remember who but they were talking about Slade.

Wendy Weaver… Darren, Graham took his Slade book and a few people were interested and discussed it with him.

Peter Houghton… Alan sorry I couldn’t make it as I had an Hospital appointment

Jacquie Hinves… I’m so sorry not to have been able to join you today. Next time. Xxx

Monica Bane… Another interesting afternoon! Thanks again Alan, For all the hard work that you do!

Peter Ellingworth… Thanks again for an excellent coffee meet Alan

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Would love to come to one of these!

Shaun Hanson… I found it all quite fascinating, talking about the background of so many artists before they were famous. Boom Radio gives a helping hand with that as well. Thanks for a great afternoon

Roger Carey… Sorry I missed this, was working on a jazz gig for Friday night and rock gig on Saturday 20th, different sets of music and equipment required, more this weekend, will announce on Facebook. Hope to be at next one and find some ‘new’ items, nothing I haven’t submitted before has come to light so far but since moving I have lots of stuff to still go through!


SMART coffee meet no.70 Friday 19th January 2024

The next SMART coffee meet is on Friday 19th January 2024. Hopefully you can make it and please mention it to other like minded people. We usually do one, every other month but due to Christmas, the next one won’t be until January. Thank you as always for your support and would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and healthy new year. Don’t forget if you are seeing any relatives or friends over the Christmas period and think they might have some old photos that are suitable for the website, then this would be very much appreciated. Very best wishes. Alan

Claire Lonsdale… Happy Christmas to you Alan . I hope you enjoy the festive season. Xx

Mick O’Dowd… Remember to make a New Years Resolution if you’ve not been before. Make it in 2024 and see the superman who runs the whole shabang and is known as Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason.

Colin Norton… I really hope that I can make it one day! Would love to meet everyone!

Taking photos everyday!

original source of image unknown

Mike Waghorne… The picture’s stayed in your mind !

John Warner… Frequently!

Stuart Moir… The kids today don’t know they’re born, my parents had to struggle to heat the house when I was a youngan, front room fire being stoked up for us to get dressed for school, I remember playing football for my school team in weather like this .

Colin Bell… Stuart, What was worse Stuart was my school making us play rugby in this weather…brrr!

Stuart Moir… Us too mate, I played for the A side all through school so was considered a reasonably player but we were told to get stuck in for the reputation of our school football record .

Garry Wonfor… Stuart, LUXURY…. When we were kids, we had to get up before we’d gone to bed, eat sand for breakfast, and then our dad would beat us to death with his belt before making us work for thirty seven hours a day up the chimney.

Mike Cramp… Up a chimney ? That”s indoors. You were lucky ! Etc. Etc. Etc. 🙂

Ann Hogg… Garry, and we had to lick road clean with tongue.

Ricky Adelaide… Stuart, we only had one candle to keep us warm and when it was really cold we lit the candle

Keith Flanigan… Remember scraping off ice, on the inside of your windows?

Tim Moose Bruce… Wish I took more pictures when I was younger.

Jacqueline Williamson… Good, warm, grounded friendships. Pictures forever imprinted in our memories.

Richard Downer… When I were lad we might go all year without having  photographs taken, on our yearly day outing

Alastair Thompson… So true indeed ! Well said … I was so happy growing up in the 60s and 70s ( born 63 ) … https://www.theseedsoftime.net

Rob Ramsden… I still dont. I have kids too and always want to take pictures but just try to be fully in the moment when I am with them and deliberately remember. The camera tends to ruin moments make people feel self conscious etc.

Tracy Birrell… Too poor to have a camera growing up.

Stuart Moir… My dad bought my first camera for my birthday a brownie box I was made up with it


Who had a John Bull printing outfit?

photo source: unknown

Barry Hilton… I think that was Christmas 1976 I got one of those!

Mike Guy… Now updated by the John B.S. printing outfit?

Robert Searle… I had one when i was a young boy,i loved it.

Mike Waghorne… I had one as did my kids in the 80’s

Steve Thorpe… Had one of those!

John Warner… All the kids had one!

Fiona Evans… Me too !

David Edwards… Yep!

Mike Cope… Super, Smashing, Great….!

Julie Findlay-jones… I had one,loved it, made my own headed notepaper

Andy Qunta…Christmas present!

Colin Gibson… Make a poster in under two years!

Josie Lawson…. My brother had one of these

Pete Brazier… I had Two, then got the big set with the rotating drum to print on A5 paper! 🤔 it might still be in the loft!

Ralph Town… Had one

Colin Bell… Had one in my Christmas stocking, well actually it was a pillowcase, when i was about 9 or 10, remember it well

Claire Lonsdale… Oh yes, I remember mine!


Do you remember Penny for The Guy?

Betty Austin… Oh yes good clean honest fun !! X

Dennis Torrance… Remember I was done up as a guy as a kid, sat in Queens Road and went boo to passers by thanks for the memories

Malcolm Sharp… Dennis was that you yer bugar lol

Linda Crane… Good fun

Tony May…  Would LOVE to see kids taking part in that now. These days they are either on their phones or getting up to no good!

Julie Findlay-jones… Does anyone still do this, it was such fun , the anticipation of wondering how the guys going to turn out and how many penny’s your going to get.

Jane Hartley… We were in the Observer with our guy one year!

Pat Fears… Probably not safe these days !!

Janine Anne Scott… Happy days

Jeff Belton… Remember when I was growing up, used to love making a GUY for bonfire night. Great fun !

Alan Esdaile… If you wanted fireworks, you had to go out and earn some money from your guy. Not a cheap football as a head, as people did in later years. Old clothes stuffed with newspapers, our pitch used to the Whitefriars Pub, Priory Road, as did well when people got of the bus.

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Singing wrong lyrics!

source: unknown

Kim Thompsett… Ooh ooh me ears are alight.

Mike Waghorne… Sitting next to your tranny listening to the lyrics, then writting them down leaving spaces for the words you missed until the next air play

Wendy Weaver… You could buy the sheet music if you were well off. Anyway it was fun getting the words wrong and sometimes the wrong words made more sense

Stuart Moir… A lot of the sheet music was wrong as well not only the words but the chords as well

Wendy Weaver… I remember Terry Wogan going through things people thought they had heard on his morning radio programme. It wasn’t just me who thought ‘Tragedy ‘ was ‘ Pack it In ‘

Fred Marsh… sue lawley sue lawley feel sue lawley

Els Wilcox… I shattered someone’s dreams the other day, they thought the words were, ‘what we have will never end’ I informed them it was’ we’re off to never never land. Lol.

Tony Ham… Wonder what lyrics people came up with for Cocteau Twins

Mike Guy… ‘Scuse me while I kiss Mike Guy. Mike Guy’s mad at me. Nothing in the world . . . Mike Guy.

Mick Knights… My personal favourite was the line in ‘When a man loves a woman’ You’ve got to hold on to your hot cross bun.

Nigel Sherwood… 10 years old and living in a town near to Hastings convinced the Beatles were singing, ticket to Rye

Paul Huggett… Makes you wonder how disappointed people in the Isle of Wight were when they didn’t come

Ricky Adelaide… Hay I still make up the lines, I forget cant be doing with these ipads and phones, not good

Martin Stoggell.. I still sing shit every day.

Paul Crimin…Queen….Has the devil got a sideboard

Robert Carey… Paul Young. Everytime you go away you take a piece of meat with you or Ralph McTell singing about his private parts- My Jenny Taylor.

David Kent… This from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: The girl with colitis goes by……

Mike Guy… also Hotel California . . . sweet smell of colitis.

Mike Curtis… Desmond Dekker, “My ears are alight”

Sharon Kirby… This!!! I thought that were the words too

Paul Huggett…Stevie Winwood’s touching plea… Bring Me Your Iron Lung

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Disco 45 helped

Rosemary Battles Hughes… from queen.. sharing his wife and his pork sausages

Nick Prince… I never once sung the wrong words to a song, it was always the person singing on the radio that got it wrong

Janice Irving… Creedence Clearwater Revival – there’s a bathroom on the right!

Gerry Woodland… Like the song with the line, killing me softly with insults, I use to say ( killing me softly with insoles), and another song with the line, the Israelites, ( the little red eyes )

Martin Richter… that’s why we bought *disco 45* ?

Judie Struys… I once rang Radio 1 to find out what the chorus line was to REM’s The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite.

Judy Atkinson… Gary Puckett & the Union Gap – “when Jessame goes up part of me nose”

Ian Ellis… Mister Brown Goes off to town On the A21…

Faith Brooker… BeeGees; When she comes to me in a submarine…

Mick O’Dowd… Always thought Steely Dan’s Reelin’ in The years was Living in the East!

Malcolm Sharp… Reverent blue jean

Who remembers the Hovercraft at Hastings?

photo shared from: Valerie Churms

Mike Guy… Who remembers the inventor – put that Google down right now!

Mike Waghorne…I believe my daughter was a friend of his daughter and was a local man ?

Eric Harmer… Yes remember it , well was the inventor Rooster Cockburn. 😂😂his name was something to do with chickens

Peter Bridger… I have some of Dad’s old super 8 cine film of that somewhere! Went on a school trip to France on it. I remember it being noisy and bumpy!

Judy Atkinson… Christopher Cockerill

Mike Mitchell… I remember a man walking up the beach in what looked to me like a naval uniform waving a red flag on a stick. He was getting us to move out of the way so the hovercraft could land. I was distraught because the hovercraft flattened my lovely sandcastle

Tony Court-holmes… went on it

Phil Thornton… Remember it well ! – very noisy

Gary Colcombe… Oh yes! What a monster! remember it very well

Roger Simmonds… I remember it very noisy!

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t they stop it because of the noise? It was rather loud!

Merv Kennard… remember it and the noise

Colin Gibson… It sucked up my Yorkshire terrier

Alan Green And His Boys – Hastings Pier 1938

Supplied by Kay Lobb via Jim Breeds HAPP Facebook page.

Jim Breeds… Here’s a great photo from Kay Lobb, who writes “Found this old postcard at my mother’s flat today. It shows Alan Green and His Boys on Hastings Pier in 1938. My mother still remembers nights spent on the pier, dancing to them.”

Nicki Dann… That’s my grandad !

Alan Esdaile… They are sitting on the staircase that went up to the upper small function room(before you got to the toilets and the long bar area). Looks like the same lino on the stairs in the 60’s/70’s !

Pete Fairless… Yes, twin staircases to the Palm Court.

Andre Martin… Spot on guys

Brian Dove… I think that top row right hand as you look at it is William Cook – Violin, Sax, Clar.

Pete Fairless… Did they ever record anything?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Pete, this one

Clifford Exton… The man sitting on the bottom step right side of Alan Green is my father Ken Exton he was a trumpet player in this photo he is 26 years old

Clare Watts… Wow … Alan Green is my great grandad . It’s great to see a picture of him and the band . .

Ena Nicholls… I would like to know who is sitting on the left of Alan Green, my father was in the band later. I have a photo of  this man with my dad Billy Nicholls. Thank you.

Jean Wheel… I found this same photo of the band tucked into a book yesterday! It’s signed by them on the reverse. Never seen it before – a mystery….

supplied by Jean Wheel