When young did anyone enjoy eating brussels sprouts?


photo: Eric Hunt

Phil Gill… No

Liane Carroll… Yes very much……I’ll get me coat!

Nettie Baker… Yes

Andy Davies… I always loved sprouts but my Mum cooked them for almost as long as the turkey not good and explosive after effects!!

Dave Weeks… will eat them now though

Keith Flanigan… Bubble and squeak the next day

David Kent… Keith, I bubble and squeak all night after eating them.

Vivienne Gibbs… Yes and still do. Nothing fancy just boiled but not for too long!

Kevin White… Yum Yum!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… No, but my Mum always put one on my plate,usually hidden!

Tony Ham… Always loved them.

Ellis Elias… Deep fry them then when taken out add sea salt and pepper….scrumptious!

Judy Atkinson… I used to wrap mine in mashed potato & swallow them whole if possible. Still loathe them now

Susan Butchers… Always loved em. They are beauty food

Paul Buxton… Not as a kid , love them now, they are very musical

Lloyd Johnson… Yes! I did and still do!…

Nicola Dobson… Hated them but like them now

Julie Findlay-jones… Always liked them

Reid McDuffie…love ’em. Never understood why people found them bitter. But BBC science says….”Surprisingly, it could be your genes that determine your feelings about these controversial little vegetables. A 2011 study by Cornwall College found that sprouts contain a chemical, similar to phenylthiocarbamide, which only tastes bitter to people who have a variation of a certain gene. The research found that around 50 per cent of the world’s population have a mutation on this gene. The lucky half don’t taste the bitterness usually associated with sprouts, and therefore like them a whole lot more than everyone else”

Kim Thompsett… Fried up they are great. Didn’t like them much as a kid but they’ve grown on me… Mostly behind the ears.

Mike Waghorne… Kim, didn’t your mother keep telling you to wash behind your ears !

John Warner… Loved em!

Despo Hawkins… Always loved them . Had a huge amount tonight my first ones this year . Cooked with onions and potatoes

John Beeching… Didn’t like them much as a kid owing to my Mum putting the Christmas sprouts on to boil round about mid summers day.

Pauline Hillier… John, all our mums did that

Pauline Richards… Love sprouts. 1st of the year was at the Harrow Pub. Sausage mash carrots and sprouts! Lovely

Karen Sweatman… Satan’s haemorrhoids

Matt Thomas… Hated them as a kid but strangely love them now

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes. Prepared properly ( many different ways) they are great

Chris White… Love them

Martin Curcher… Love ‘um always have done

Fred Marsh… yes

Keith Veness… Love them when not over cooked

Margaret Trowell… Love them, for Christmas I boil them so they are just softened, drain and add butter, fried bacon lardons and whole chestnuts…delish😋. Oh and I drink the water they were boiled in with a good shake of pepper!

Jeanette Jones… I have always liked them but I was officially a ‘funny’ kid

Linda Cote… i love them

Jan Deane… Love ’em!

Beki Milton… Yes! My daughter’s love them too

Joolz Dunkley… Yep

Marcus de Mowbray… Yes, but only when they had gravy and bread sauce on them, and then I loved them and still do

Chris Meachen… Absolutely love sprouts, – will happily eat a whole plateful… Try them with a little lemon juice…

Rick Startin… Always loved them – add a bit of sugar to the water when you’re cooking them and they won’t be bitter. Serve with loads of butter.

Lorna Brazier… No and still don’t like them

Frank Broeders… Yes

Darren Holmes… Yes and still do!!!

Marie Richardson… yes and i stiil love sprouts. They are just mini cabbages

Ian Marketis… No never liked them and over rated and l don’t like cabbage

Steve Barton… Hated them as a kid but love them now especially with a dab of marmite on them

Graham Sherrington… Steve, Need more MARMITE!!!!! never thought of doing this.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep!

Sheila Maile… Yes and still do

Dani Turner… Yes. I hated sweets! Loved veg and cheese. Strange child. Still love them.

Maz Pettitt… Loved them

Sue Buckle… Yes always loved them

Gareth Huggett… Amazing!

Brian Hepburn… Yes love them

Nick Bloomfield… Yes, I still love them. Brussel sprout soup is souperb…

Malcolm McDonald… no, but as i got older, love em…

Claire Hamill… No

Kevin White… I love them, always have

Janette Morfey… me too. Xxx

Ian Smith… No!

Terry Reeves… It’s the after affects

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Very best wishes to everyone for the Christmas period and the new year and hoping 2021 is going to be better than this. Well it can’t be any worse!  A Big Big thank you to everyone who has supported SMART and kept the site and me going over these difficult months. The last SMART coffee meet was way back in February and then we had one booked for April but had to cancel due to Covid. Well looks like the next few weeks will get tougher and tougher. Here’s hoping we can all get back together sometime in the new year. As always still looking for more old photos and cuttings with a connection to the Hastings area, to keep the page interesting. Please feel free to post to the facebook page or email over to me, with as much detail as possible. Lots of love and whatever happens, they can’t take away our memories! Take care and stay safe xx

Chris Jolly… Have a FAB Christmas Alan! Take care sir… xxx

Steve Amos… Happy Christmas Alan!

Maureen Anderson… Merry christmas

Andrew Clifton… Merry Christmas Alan.

Jacqueline Marsh… Happy Christmas, keep up the good work, we all enjoy your postings

Kevin Burchett… happy christmas Alan missed seeing you this year

Pete Prescott… Have a wonderful Christmas Alan.

Wendy Weaver… Happy Christmas Alan. Hope 2021 will be better than 2020 and that we can all meet up again. xxx

Pete Houghton… Happy Christmas Alan Hope You Have A Great Time Yours Pete

Nick Shute… Great fun page!… best wishes

Peter Millington… You too Alan – I miss your gatherings as I’m sure everyone does. Keep well and let’s hope for a better 2021

Dave Nattress… Thanks Alan and once again, great appreciation for starting this website. Initially I was so pleased to find all the posts about the massive local music scene, (that keep turning up), but of course, the posts that give the memories of the local scene are also of great interest. Have as good a Christmas and New Year as you can and best wishes to everyone who helps keeping the memories coming back – till I forget them again.

Mike Vawdrey… Outside your geographical area by a couple of hundred miles or so but always find much of interest so keep on keeping on and raise a glass to better times past and future !

Mick O’Dowd… Thank you Alan for keeping this alive! really miss the SMART Meets. One day!!! More memories keep flooding back . Stay safe.

Mike Raxworthy… Happy Christmas mate – and fingers crossed for a better New year!!!

Jan Warren… Merry Christmas SMARTIES!!

Barry French… Merry Christmas Alan, much thanks for keeping the SMART site alive during these strange times. Hopefully, in the not to distant future, all us “Smarties” will be able to meet up again .

Stephen Moran… Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Alan, I very much look forward to seeing you again at future SMART meets.

Who remembers making paper chains?

Karen Sweatman… Made some. Wasn’t the same having them with sticky already on and not licking them. I used to be my Nan’s champion licker in the 70

Alan Esdaile… I can remember licking them, didn’t taste nice but lots of fun and happy memories.

Yvonne Ellis… Still love making paper chains x

Pete Prescott… Yeah I remember these ! Great fun !

Michael Coller… They still sell them in various places

Monica Bane…Happy times. We all were so much happier with less!

Nicola Barfield… Definitely and the taste yuk but tried water to soggy but a sponge done the trick

Carol Ann Bolton… I made them in the Carlisle Rock Pub along with some big, butch bikers years ago!

Roy Winchester… yep

Lyn Humphrey… My first Infants school teacher (Miss Phillips) taught us how. The first creative thing I ever did. Happy days!

Dave Nattress… Made them in the Downs Junior School, Bexhill. Seems like every Christmas for years.

Geoff Peckham… I more than likely made them with you, Dave! x

Coronation Street turns 60

photo: inspired villages https://www.facebook.com/inspiredlifeuk

John Gale… Proper Smug Life , Loved those ‘girls’. Minnie, Ena and Martha

Ricky Adelaide… Great show but gave up on it years ago when it lost its humour

Alan King… when Reginald Holdsworth left ? it lost the plot big time then

Ricky Adelaide… Alan, no Eddie yates

Stuart Moir… No

Nettie Baker… Annie Caldwell, Ena Sharples.. & was that Annie Walker’s husband at the bar ? He died .. lol .. I was 10 days off being born

Eugene Hughes… Minnie Caldwell

Tim Moose Bruce… Inspiration for Les Dawson and Monty Python…

Peter Brazier… In all the years and all the deaths that have taken place only one ghost has ever been seen and that is the lady on the right of this pic! But I can’t remember her name? With all the special effects that can be done these days isn’t it about time one of the present characters (Preferably Ken!) had Scrooge type visitations for Christmas?

Alan Esdaile… Martha Longhurst. Good idea Pete.

Peter Brazier… just realised how did I forget Vera coming back as a ghost for Jack!

Martyn Baker… I’m older than this TV programme and I have never seen one single episode of it.

Alan King… you are one lucky, lucky man

Hal Crompton… The last time I watched it was the night that Martha Longhurst died in the snug of The Rovers.

Andy Qunta… I watched it in it’s early days. We lived about 15 miles from Salford, which I think is where it was set. The scenery and people and accents all seemed familiar.

Bernard Goffredo… Margot Bryant who played Minnie was a relative on my dads side of the family

Chris Meachen… The set is located adjacent to the Manchester museum of science and technology, nearby Liverpool Road. You can see it on Google earth…

Peter Thomson… Should I admit to knowing every character name? Thanks Nan, wherever you are x

Judy Atkinson… I’ve never watched a single episode – is that heresy? (but addicted to the Archers)

Paul Crimin… ‘I’ve got a budgie to look after…’.

Andy Davies… Ena Sharples, haven’t watched since I was little, get a life people!!!

Robert Searle… Was a really great programme,so realistic. Except for the accent, it reminded me of East London when I was a little boy.

Tim Harris… Have I watched it since the beginning ? That’s a bit rude !

Peter Houghton… I remember those days


Dimarco’s Hastings closed on the 9th February 1985

photo from Hastings and Area, Past and Present  https://www.facebook.com/HAPP1066/

HAPP…. 9th February 1985, Dimarco’s closed for good. This is a photo of DiMarco’s on the day they closed, sent by Ann Clifton. Ann added “The gentleman sitting in the right hand corner was the last ever customer, with Michael and Phil Di Marco, Lou and Emily DiPaolo, me and my brothers – Luigi Antonio Di Paolo”.

Dennis Torrance… Such a nice place happy memories there great food and ice cream and milkshakes . My mum worked in the one below St Mary in the castle in early 60s

John Gale… Knickerbocker glory land, loved it there and always welcoming by the Di Marco family , I met some of them at Hastings united games., always enthusiastic fans

Willie Wicking… Many a time spent in there can still remember that distinctive sound of the coffee machines & the blue smoke haze from cigarettes

Liane Carroll… I loved that place very much My Auntie Vera was a waitress there. It was so brilliant. Xxx

Jim Reilly… All us old hooligans used to love DiMarcos, and never misbehaved in there, coz we treated the staff the way the treated us, fairly. Grub was good and reasonably priced too.

Graham Matthews… We lived out in the sticks so school holiday treat was a bus trip to Hastings and lunch in Di Marco’s was always on the list in the 1960’s. Still used it after I left school if I came to town. Loved it.

Pete Houghton… One of my favorites! When i came over from Bexhill for the day

Chris Meachen… Some of my fondest memories are of my dad taking me in there when I was a tot. I used to have an egg & tomato roll (still my favourite filling to this day) followed by an ice cream scooped out of the tubs built into the counter.. I remember ‘Mr louis’ who seemed to know dad quite well. DiMarco’s was always a favourite place to eat, drink a delicious milkshake & meet up with friends, I miss it even now..

Helen Knight… Remember it

Carol Arnold… Loved Dimarcos

Alan Esdaile… Happy memories. Always found the staff friendly and polite.

Patrick Turner… Had many a knickerbocker glory in there

Oh No My Beloved Debenhams – Tony May

photo: Tony May

Tony May… I’m planning a possible Debenhams article for ‘Hastings Town’ magazine as I ‘process’ my feelings re yesterdays awful news. In the meantime here is a blog containing (mostly) my happy memories associated with Debenhams Hastings store… https://tmchristmas.blogspot.com

Jeremy Peter Harrison… My best memory was back in the 1980s. I was shopping in the men’s department which at that time was at the back (seafront side). I was amazed to see two Lads pick up a complete rail of suits and run straight for the door. They hadn’t done their homework- it was a revolving door and they got jammed solid……!

Brigitte Lee… I worked on Santa’s Grotto, probably around 1980. Gordon worked in the lift that Christmas. I had started there as a Saturday girl, probably mid 70s. My Mum Trixie worked there and years later my daughter was a Saturday girl in another branch. Debenhams will leave a terrible hole in many town centres.

Judy Atkinson… I always remember that your mum was Miss Debenhams & still held the title as they never held the contest again

Janine Hemsley… I was singing on the gig that night at the Falaise Hall. 😂. We were so proud x My beautiful Mum Trixie was crowned Miss Debenhams in 1975. Those were the days when there were fashion shows during the day on the shop floor. Mum worked there for quite a few years.

Patricia Wapshott… Janine, I remember your beautiful Mum working on the make up counter, she was so glamorous and so lovely to talk to, her and my Mum who loved and was always buying makeup from her always got on so well xx

Janine Hemsley… I worked there briefly for Estée Lauder. I trod on a cable and put the whole of the first floor out. It was a Christmas promotion when Youth Dew first came out

Lucy Pappas… Tony, love your blog post x My oldest sister worked in the cafe more than 50 years ago. It seemed the height of sophistication to go for a milk shake and a bun when she was there. I still like the cafe even though it appears to be from another era. I’ll miss Debenhams, one of the few places I go to for pretty underwear and the occasional frock. Over the years, I’ve also bought luggage, bed linen, Christmas presents, new baby presents, make up, jewellery, the list could go on. What a loss to Hastings!

Judie Struys… Lucy, it wasn’t the biggest Debenhams but it was the heart of the town. I’ve been visiting it since I was 12. There used to be a special bit for teenagers in the 1970s, but I’ve forgotten what it was called. I used to buy so many of my clothes there when I was young. I’m so sad for the staff, some of whom have been there for decades.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My first job on arriving in Hastings in 1971, it was Plummers then. So sad

Susan Butchers… We went there today no sale everything just as it’s always been

Fred Marsh… does any one remember my mum Doris Santer she worked at Plummers during the war and returned in the 60s up until her retirement, now she could tell many a tale about Debs.

Brigitte Lee… I remember Doris. I lovely cheerful lady. I have a feeling she worked in the jumper dept when I started as a Saturday girl.

Stephen Moran… A really sad day, my sister used to work in the office in Plummers during the seventies and I have such fond memories of taking my then two year old daughter to the cafe for coffee (me not her!) and cake most mornings.

Jane Dorsett… Really sad, I was a window dresser at Debenhams, worked with Gary Palmer, Teresa White, our boss was Paul Coombes, the windows always looked lovely and the Christmas grottos we use to do, very happy memories.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. What’s going to become of it now? May I suggest, it would be perfect for a theatre/venue with parking at the town centre car parks nearby and St Mary In The Castle would be perfect for the Bayeux Tapestry.

Jack Irving… Excellent idea

Tony May…Great to hear a lot of your reminisences about Hastings Debenhams! If any of you have any old photographs of Debenhams/Plumber Roddis/ of well-known/loved members of staff or of anything to do with Debenhams please send them to me privately by e mailing unseated.tony@gmail.com. I have written a personal tribute to the store and am looking for some photos to go with the piece. The photos need to be yours though and not copyrighted otherwise I will not be able to publish them in ‘Hastings Town’ magazine. If I get more than I need I may well decide to write a ‘follow up’ story. Debenhams will be such a HUGE loss not just to our High Street but to our social history as well and I want to make sure that, if nothing else, the national archives won’t forget that…


What’s your favourite song by Van Morrison?

Lloyd Johnson… Here comes the Night!’ Although he never wrote it and it was when he was in ‘Them’…

Jan Deane… Moondance

Colin Fox… They’ve just played ‘Baby Please don’t Go’ here on Spanish radio. When Van Morrison was lead singer with ‘Them’, great old song.

Beki Milton… Brown eyed girl

Eileen Adams… Beki, love this too xxx

Mike Waghorne… When he was with “Them”

John Busbridge… Brown Eyed Girl

Eileen Adams…Into the mystic

Mick O’Dowd… So many to choose from but Hymn to The Silence & Have I told you Lately are stand outs.

Peter Fairless… Have to agree, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’

Steve Thorpe… Baby please don’t go

Alan Esdaile… Difficult but when he was with ‘Them’ their version of It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. On his own, the little known ‘Snow in San Anselmo’.

Rontenn2001… Whatever Happened To P.J.Proby

Mike Vawdrey… It would have to be Madame George – a lament for people and places beyond recall

Andy Davies… Listen to the Lion, the live ‘too late to stop now‘ version. Although, damn -maybe ‘Bulbs’ from Veedon Fleece which must be my favourite album…..

Colin Gibson… My old mans a dustman

Phil Gill… The last one In the show.

Colin Bell… Having seen him 3 times in concert (cos i was paid too), i heartily agree Phil.

Terry Pack… About 30 years ago, the Johnny Mars band was booked for two nights at a big hotel in Newport. After the sound check on the Friday, we were having dinner before the gig and Van appeared, asking if he could sit in. Johnny said yes, and Van asked if he join us to sing ‘Help Me’. He asked Kohn not to introduce him, but just to play a couple of choruses as an intro and he would come up. We played a couple of choruses. No sign of him, so John took a solo for a few choruses. Still no Van, so Ray took a few choruses. No sign of him. John thinks he must have misheard him, and wanted an introduction, so announced ‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Van Morrison!’ 1000 people go nuts. Still nothing. We play the rest of the set and come offstage. Johnny has to deal with half the crowd asking if they imagined the whole Van Morrison introduction. Later, in the hotel bar, Van appears looking very sheepish. ‘I lost my nerve.’ he says. ‘Could I sit in tomorrow night?’ The following night, the place is even busier. Word has got out that Van (either) is going to sit in or that he had sat in the previous night (people must have convinced themselves that he had done). We play Help Me. No Van. Of course. Years later, I renew a friendship via Facebook with a couple from South Wales. They have great memories of the two nights in Newport and Van Morrison sitting in on both nights. I don’t dare contradict them.

Jeannette Wild… Tough one that. I am an avid fan and have seen him 3 times. Awesome. His version of st James infirmary Is brilliant……..too many to mention!


Ex-Lax. Who remembers having to take this as a kid?

Alan Esdaile… I can remember my parents telling me it tastes like chocolate. You like chocolate. Argh! horrible, I spat it on the floor!

Dennis Torrance… That made me laugh it tasted terrible what was we eating then . I also remember liquid paraffin a horrible clear substance

Mike Waghorne… Should have eaten your veg as your mother told you too !

Gerry Powell… Milk of Magnesia was thrown down my throat if I refused to take that stuff. I still cannot eat dark chocolate as it reminds me of Ex-Lax

Michael Coller… Found that in the cupboard as a child, thought it was normal chocolate, ate it all, not a good result for my parents at the end

Gerry Fortsch… I remember my mate at work dishing it out to the lads and then they strangely disappearing for some time later.

Stuart Moir…I could always shit for England, no problem shoving smelly ones out

Annie Richards Cottis… Ah, but if things went the other way you’d get Kaolin & Morphine

Alan King… Bung me up Scott

Nigel Chorley… Economy family size????? Oh well we were all in the sxxt together. Share and Share alike

Vivienne Gibbs… We were always given syrup of figs – same effect and better taste

Ray Harper… Possibly a little to much information Stu.

Nicola Barfield… We were only talking about this yesterday

Gary Benton… Chocolated? Is that even a word?

Nick Prince… I remember Ex-Lax but I dont think I took it. I recall a slimming chocolate called AIDS in the 1970’s, clearly with a name like that it didn’t survive into the 80’s for long. For a while it was spelt AYDS but that change was too little too late.

Steve Thorpe… For that get up and go feeling….

Jason Stainer… That’s old school exlax. They’ve replaced the phenolphthalein with senna now because it turned out to cause cancer.

What is your favourite Live album?

Mick Knights… Lou Reed. Rock and Roll Animal.

Matt Thomas… Nocturne – Siouxsie & The Banshees

Shaun Pont… Slade Alive!

Kevin Sherwood… Strangers in the Night – UFO

Paul Crimin… Live and Dangerous-Thin Lizzy

Tim Moose Bruce… Frampton Comes Alive. Live n Dangerous. E.T.I by Blue Oyster Cult, If You Want Blood

David Broome… Live in the Heart of City also like Two for the Show by Kansas

Linda McGregor… Frampton Comes Alive.. saw him about 3 years ago, did this album in full, amazing

Dave Valentine… Johnny Cash At San Quentin, 801 Live, Iron Maiden – Live After Death, Daft Punk – Alive

Alan King… Back It Up – Nils Lofgren or or this one – Bert Jansch – Live at the 12 Bar (and not just because I produced it)

Len Smith… Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping, Funky but Live, Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band

Graham Sherrington… CREAM at the Albert Hall their reunion

Mike Mitchell… It’s Alive – The Ramones

Phil Gill… Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore. The Who Live at Leeds. All the other live albums can get in the sea.

Alan King… dunno about that, as i get older i’m getting fed up with production and find myself only listening to live stuff, yes most official ‘live albums’ are over produced too, but I even quite like some mid Pink Floyd stuff ‘live’ some very good Top Gear sessions of Atom Heart Mother and Echoes – both pieces I don’t think I could ever sit through the studio versions of ever again

Dave Edwards… Alan King, forgot Little Feat Electrif Lycanthrope and Allman Brothers a dead cert.

Jim Breeds… Stop Making Sense, Alan

Nigel Sherwood… Uriah Heep live 1973

Jan Warren… The Live Adventures of…. Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper!

Colin Bell… Live At Leeds & Around The World With Three Dog Night

Jackie Hersee… Carol King live at Hyde Park

Julian Deeprose… Live and Dangerous – Thin Lizzy, by a country mile for me 🙂 Captures the very essence of a Lizzy gig, all the energy and power just cracks through. Still makes the hairs stand up every time I play it.

Alan King… but it wasn’t live was it ? all mocked up in the studio by all accounts – all a very large part of it was over dubbed – doesn’t mean it ‘aint a half decent album though – it’s just not as ‘live’ as it pretends to be

Julian Deeprose… That is a moot point as Tony Visconti who produced it says a lot of it was over dubbed whereas Chris O’Donnell the Lizzy manager hotly disputes this and says that it is 75% live but taken from different shows and only Scott Gorhams parts on 2 tracks a few essential cleanups and crowd noise overdubbed. Scott confirms this version of events. The important things is that the result is a superb album which for me recreates the 14 times that I saw Lizzy live. Halcyon days 🙂An interesting comparison is the Still Dangerous album which features several of the same recordings warts and all.

Louise Burt… Had this album its fantastic but sadly it was stolen along with all my other records in 2018

Jack Apps… All of them

Colin Gibson… I sing the body electric    Shouting in Key.    Rock of Ages

Paul Gray… It’s Too Late To Stop Now – Van Morrison.

Barry French… Wishbone Ash. Live Dates

Dave Nattress… Wow a difficult one!! Cream reunion at the RAH, Free live at the Isle of Wight and The Live adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper, 1968, got the double CD and the double vinyl, played it just the other night. Takes me back to 68 formative years and all that.

Martyn Baker… Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous is hard to beat as an album, but bits of it may well be dangerous, but they’re certainly not live! I was in Tony Visconti’s studio when the guitar overdubs were being done!

Alamo Leal… Martyn, I sign underneath! Followed close by the Get Yer Ya’s Ya’s Out , of the Stones.

Tim Moose Bruce… Yessongs

Steve Blackman… Gregg Allman Live at Macon

Clive Richardson… Glastonbury triple album.

Martin Richter… live at the hope and anchor

Kevin White… Seconds Out Genesis, 08:30 Weather Report, Zappa live in New York, Deep Purple live in Japan.


Do you remember Penny for The Guy?

Betty Austin… Oh yes good clean honest fun !! X

Dennis Torrance… Remember I was done up as a guy as a kid, sat in Queens Road and went boo to passers by thanks for the memories

Malcolm Sharp… Dennis was that you yer bugar lol

Linda Crane… Good fun

Tony May…  Would LOVE to see kids taking part in that now. These days they are either on their phones or getting up to no good!

Julie Findlay-jones… Does anyone still do this, it was such fun , the anticipation of wondering how the guys going to turn out and how many penny’s your going to get.

Jane Hartley… We were in the Observer with our guy one year!

Pat Fears… Probably not safe these days !!

Janine Anne Scott… Happy days

Jeff Belton… Remember when I was growing up, used to love making a GUY for bonfire night. Great fun !

Alan Esdaile… If you wanted fireworks, you had to go out and earn some money from your guy. Not a cheap football as a head, as people did in later years. Old clothes stuffed with newspapers, our pitch used to the Whitefriars Pub, Priory Road, as did well when people got of the bus.

Read moreDo you remember Penny for The Guy?