Roy Castle, Buddy Rich, Kenny Everett & surprise guest on Parkinson 82

Martin Richter… unbelievable – brilliant

John Gale… Genius My Dads hero

Nettie Baker… visit us at Ginger Baker’s page…

Kevin White… TALENT

Russell Field… Yes !

Bernard Goffredo… Cool

Mick Burt…Watched it twice Brilliant !! Love all of them

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Brilliant

Paul Coleman… Absolutely awesome! Such talent.

Iain Cobby… Had the pleasure of actually seeing him and his band back in the 70’s at the Congress in Eastbourne . l was talked into it by Steve D who being a drummer told me he was good, I had never heard of him. Wow, what a player. He played not only the kit, but anything around the stage he could hit with sticks. The band were so tight mostly brass, and were they loud! Great memory and a highlight in my life.