Mick Mepham & Kieran White (from Steamhammer) August 1978.




photos and press release supplied by Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson… performing tracks from Kierans album Open Door and jamming.

Terry Huggins… That’s the photo Mepham showed me. I thought it was his teeth, but it’s really a fag.

Andy Qunta… Excellent! Loved Steamhammer & Kieran White! Mick Mepham is fab too!

Mick Mepham… Cheers Andy!!!

Peter Fairless… Speakeasy in Kings Road?

Alan Esdaile… No Pete, it was in the building opposite the pier (now flats) that was a student office and the club was in the basement. At one time it was an information office.

Mick Mepham… There are some DL pix from gigs in there Pete. The artwork on the walls was excellent.

Savage Hearts photos and album – 1983


supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy – bassists, Gary Broughton – guitar, Mick Mepham – guitar, Steve Farris – Drums.

Michael Mepham…may well have been on the pier. The album line-up was different with Momo Sex on guitar and P P on drums. Momo went on to play with Becky Bondage in Ligotage. I do believe he’s been seen recently..

Mick Mepham…..Does anyone remember this? This from 1983 and rather well reproduced by Mo Blackford and friends. Sounds better now than it did then…. enjoy.

Clifford Rose…..I  used to have it on tape and it’s very good too.

Savage Hearts – 1982 – stage, pier, rumours (the crypt)



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all photos supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick Mepham… (photo 1) Hurrah! Note: The girl’s eyes front left!!!  (photo 4)  Takes me back to when Rumours was a really good gig. Packed out, hot, dark, sweaty and that was just Steve’s underwear …..This is how we use to get into the dressing room, hence the expression “the place was a dive”…… — With Steve Farris, Andy Animal, Momo Sex, Mick Mepham…. ”Not at all staged …..”

Die Laughing photos The Carlisle, Falaise Hall & The Pier around 1978/79




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all photos supplied by Mick Mepham

John Wilde… Rock Gods!

Mick O’Dowd… Looks like Mick is wearing a leather mini skirt. Nice!

Andy Qunta… Great pics!

Mick Mepham… Unfortunately I’ve no idea who took them.

Wendy Weaver… All that hair! and those legs! Must have been the platform era

Sarah Harvey… All that sleeve! 🙂


Mick Mepham rises to the challenge with stripped-pine table

Ric Hool from The Breathers set up the challenge for Mick a few months ago, to write this, after this comment….I am pretty certain I took the table to a place at the end of Seddlescombe Road, between Ponswood Road and Silver Hill traffic lights. Was there a pine stripping place there? The memory lapses between Digger and myself establishes a creative springboard, and the opportunity to prod Mick Mepham with the chorus for ‘The Stripped-Pine Table’ Stripped-pine table….Set with half-forgotten thoughts….Stripped-pine table….Set with broken knives and forks….Stripped-pine table ….With a meal of memories Go for it…Best Ric.

and Mick has delivered….


Pipes (2)


supplied by mickmepham.com

Alan Esdaile… Excellent Mick.

Mick Mepham…. Ooops sorry Ric, I rather did my own chorus ….. might be able to do another though. Cheers and all the best ….

Michele Braiden… Hair! That is all Michael Mepham

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff Mick!

Eric Cawthraw… Just listened to Mick’s Pine Table – nice one, so I’ve come up with this. I didn’t use the link on the web-site as the metre probably wouldn’t pan out!  It goes like this:

-played Mick’s ‘Stripped Pine Table’, yeah ‘Stripped Pine Table’, While I’ve got the urge and still fully able!

It gave me a buzz and set me free- To try my hand at some carpentry.

I had a pine table – it drove me quite insane, Tried to strip it back to get a good grain.

The wood, it was duff and went real spotty. For my old pine table, it was just too knotty.

I kept it for a while and carried on bravely, ‘till the effing thing got stained and covered in gravy!

Ric Hool… To Mick Mepham: I’ve got a stripped-pine table, And it put me back on my feet. Fabuloso lyricism Mick – the whole performance. Ain’t nuttin wooden bout this. On the basis of such success perhaps you’d be up for another of my challenges? Comon, it’s plec, string & tongue time…

Mick Mepham Challenge:Haiku

So this arrival

Kicks off the next adventure


Footsteps in the dark



Die Laughing – 1979-1980



Mick Mepham commented….The 4th member of Die Laughing is Kevin Williams, who was with DL before I joined. I took over on guitar from Phil Thornton. As far as I know, Kev still sings in a band called Rye and the Quarter Boys. That pic was taken in one of the main roads in Portsmouth town centre with traffic belting past behind us! Good pic.





Die Laughing Hastings Pier

558 001


Yvonne Cleland commented….Only ‘Loch’ Ness of the FBI could wipe out the menace of the HARD LIVING MAN’? Bet I know whose brain that spilled out from 🙂

Essence at The Carlisle & final gig



supplied by Mick Mepham

photo 1. upstairs at The Carlisle. with Mick Mepham, Farid Seddiqi, Martin and Garnet (moo).

photo 2. Last Essence just before Small Talk then Hung,Drawn and Withered. — with Keith ‘Dusty’ Miller, Mick Booker, Keith Hackett (The Bass Monk), Chris ‘Bleh’ Loder & Mick Mepham.