Richard O’Sullivan and Mike Yarwood at Brinsworth House October 19th 2021.

photographer unknown. Shared from Classic Film & Television facebook page.

Fred Marsh… Loved Mike my dad took me to see him at the Victoria Palace when I was 11. Richard O’Sullivan brilliant actor, regards to both

Jeff Bolton… Both great entertainers. Both made me laugh when they were on their TV shows in the 1970’s, and very early 1980’s.

Pat Hinder… Well done. You gave us great entertainment x

Wendy Weaver… Richard O’Sullivan was always one of my favourite actors. I have a DVD of Its Great to be Young, he was great and very young in it as it was made in 1956.

Pete Brazier… Two of my favourite celebrities, loved Richard in his Dick Terpin series, and miss Mike’s impressions

Beatrice Newman… Richard O’Sullivan marvelous actor , made comedy look so easy.

Denise Fletcher… Loved Richard in Man about the House!

Alan Morgan… Beatrice, Man about the house was my favourite TV show

Betty Mcnicol… Mike Yarwood just fabulous impressions xx

Lisa Flanagan… Both great entertainers. Still see Richards cheeky smile there.

Maggie Wilkins… They both look as if they’re both up up no good there! Pair of naughty schoolboys in disguise!

Anne Mackie… Watching Man about the House right now. Loved Richard he was very good as Robin. They don’t make shows as good nowadays more is the pity. Take care Richard loved you.

Julie Jackson… Love Richard O’Sullivan – love the character he played in Man about the House – wonderful sense of humour x

Anthony Nicholls… I work with the intellectually handicapped as a caregiver. I  wear a saucy knickers and bra apron instead of the regulation one – a là Robin in man about the house. I think of his character every day  when I put it on . A lot of people mention Richard’s character when they see my apron – 40 going on 50 odd years later !