Who went to the Millennium Dome 2000?

Martin Richter… my sister-in-law worked there

Roland Clarke… Don’t you mean, who dares admit they went to the millennium dome in 2000?

Tyler White… Yes I went a few years later when it was Nike park then to the 02 arena

Phil Thornton… Yes I saw the millennium show twice ! I have the album and it still sounds great ! – the politicians and media types tried to ruin it but they failed!

Lyn Humphrey… Went with my family and enjoyed ourselves. The children laughed the most at the recorded Tommy Cooper jokes in the ‘mouth’ of the giant human body we were in–and up till then they didn’t even know who Tommy Cooper was! The Beatles tribute band were good, and the Harry Ramsden fish & chips were average. It was a nice family day out, and hard to believe it was all 20 years ago!

Dave Nattress… Went with my eldest daughter KT and it was an interesting enough experience.

Janette Sharpe… Yes, I took my son. What was it all about??? Still none the wiser!

Ken Hatch… Yes, saw the show…..absolutely fantastic. The media hype was a load of rubbish and absolutely shameful.