Chelsea Girl bag – Queens Road Hastings 1970’s

Bag supplied by Mo Elms

Nadia Compagnone… Loved that shop when I worked in Sussex Stationers at the top of Queens Road.

Clair Finn… Remember it well xxx

Colin Bell… Remember waiting for what seemed like eternity when my then girlfriend was in there shopping! 

SinkySnap… wasnt there a Chelsea Girl on Castle road then it was Tammy Girl?

Lucy Pappas… Loved Chelsea Girl x

Anne Murray… Used to go in there all the time, my favourite shop!

Tracy Birrell… Spent all my Saturday job wages in here in the 70’s. I loved this place!

Linda Woods… I worked in Chelsea girl from 1974 to 1994. Good times

Jane Dorsett… I used to work there, great days.

Linda Turnbull… Was the Pam Dor above this shop. ?

Alan Esdaile… Yes, Linda.

Linda Turnbull… often enjoyed a bop and a drink there

Sara McManagan… I love that shop

Dawn Leaney… I used these as school bags to carry my books to and fro school. Carried under the arm not like a shopping bag. Super trendy at the time, all us girls did.

Susanne Bowen… I used to work here, Suzanne Botting 1977-78. Very nice when we had the manageress Shirley, but after that everything went ratshit.

Linda Woods… Susanne, Sorry to hear that

Radio Caroline Tony Blackburn photos and ? supplied by Mo Elms

Tony Court-holmes… I liked Radio London

Albert Pitman… and me

Mike Waghorne… I remember the Caroline ship sailing passed Bexhill prom on it’s way to the Isle of Mann back in the 60’s

Jeannette Wilde… He came to the ‘Happening’ to open it in Kings Road. What a great night it was!

John Wilde… Jeannette, that night was wonderful, he gave me a great contact for new release singles, I got free 45s for months.

Mike Waghorne… Jeanette, I vaguely remember that little club ! must have been around 1967/68, ?

Merv Kennard… Bottom row right hand side is Rosko. Photo is in the book independent radio by Mike Baron

Nigel Ford… & Robbie Day + Emperor Rosko?

Sharon Carter… I loved radio Caroline.