Mobile phone in your pocket, discussed in 1963!

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Thanks to Mick O’Dowd for finding this.

Leigh Mitchell… The witches and the wizards of yesteryear! Very prophetic! Don’t know what I would do without mine now

Tony May… The mobile phone has been one of the most socially destructive inventions of all time. It has a lot to answer for and has killed off community shopping and drastically reduced people’s interaction with other real people. A simple mobile telephone would have been o.k. but ‘cell phones’ (well named if nothing else!) are a real curse. Now people are more used to interacting with computers they have become more like computers – pedantic and intollerant. I hate mobile phones and will never own one!

Richard Porter… Tony, It is not the device but the user. Please allow me to point out that mobile phones, even simple ones, are ‘cell’ phones because they all use a cellular network.

Tony May… My point about cell phones was that they take over people’s lives to the point that it’s like a jail sentence having one! (lol) I saw a few people in the crowd at the recent F1 G.P. on the t.v. looking at their phones even when the F1 cars were racing past! They must have more money than sense seeing the cost of a ticket to an F1 G.P.! (lol) I also think mobile phone technology is being exploited to shape ‘social engineering’. If we end up in a cashless society then all privacy about everything will be lost and ‘instant fines’ for minor misdemeanors will become possible. Some things are better left to manual than automation…

Richard Porter… As I said. it is up to the user. I share one with my wife. We use it for making and taking calls, nothing else. My wife barely uses it, I seldom do unless there is no alternative.

Sheila Maile… I live on mine as don’t have any real contact with people. It gives me all the information I want. And online shopping. I have smartphone & 2tablets.while one is charging I use the other

Gerry Fortsch… That will never happen?

Andy Qunta… They hit the nail on the head with that!

Dave Nattress… Did not know about this – interesting and so long ago. My first mobile was a Motorola handset on a huge bae/battery pack about the size of a concrete block and almost as heavy. Had a magnetic aerial mount that could fit on the roof of the car. You could carry it around but would feel a bit of a plonker! A favourite band of mine, BeBop Deluxe in 1976 did an album “Modern Music”. Bill Nelson the main man and the band are on the front cover and Bill is wearing a video watch which of course 40+ years later we now have – well if want to. Wife is always talking to her wrist etc. etc.

Marilyn Spence… Yes well it all came true I love mine Makes life so much easier At nearly 76 years old saves me a lot of running around and love being in touch with the world

Tracy Birrell… I hate the bloody things Most people, especially the young are addicted to their mobiles.

Lyn Humphrey… I also hate the damn things, they rot your brain! Close friend of mine seriously reckoned he ‘couldn’t live’ without his. I pointed out that he managed without one for the first 55 years of his life. I had to have one at work, but love NOT having one now! Recently, I nearly ran someone over, when the idiot (talking on his mobile and oblivious to where he was) walked BACKWARDS into the road in front of me! Two minutes later I was driving back and (this is true) he was still on his device, and did exactly the same thing again! Yes, people do get genuinely addicted; my kids are.