Mods outside Dimarco cafe and Seeboard Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Vivy Ann Mower – Mod Squad

Dennis Torrance… Never seen these photos before brilliant Alan brought back some memories

Alan Esdaile… Likewise Dennis. Loads of mod Hastings photos on the net but have not seen these before. Happy memories of all the buildings. Mind you looks like no chance of getting a nice cup of tea in Dimarco’s on this day.

Jim Breeds… They were there on a Welsh Rarebit sampling day out.

Harry Randall… Dimarco’s stood where McDonald’s now stands!

Dennis Torrance… True Alan right also about all the buildings there . Dimarcos to happy memories to great food and ice cream and milkshakes. Thanks again Alan

Pete Fisher… Does anyone know what year this was?  1964?

Alan Esdaile… Yes I think it is 1964

Darren Holmes… Love the two kids fighting behind the man on the ground!!! Which one is the mod and which is the rocker???

Sid Saunders… I remember that photo showing an old man that was knocked to the ground. I was away at a motorcycle race meeting that weekend.

Malcolm Sharp… Was working in the resturant by the fountain that day, iorio and demarcos, was funny and scary 14 at the time

Havelock Road Hastings – Mods 1964

supplied by Dai Jones photo source: unknown

Dai Jones asks… : “Could you tell me where this is in Hastings? I somehow recognise it – but where is it?”

Phil Gill… Havelock Road. There was also an entrance to the Bodega Bars on Cambridge Road.

Lloyd Johnson… Frank Brooks third from the right in the light coloured trousers next to the car

Mick Knights… I thought that as well but wasn’t sure

Roger Simmonds… Havelock road happy times!

Helena Kingshott… Am thinking it’s top of Robertson Street?

Lloyd Johnson… Hi! Helena…xx..The bar sign is the ‘Bodega Bar’ and the first floor pillars you can see in the photo are those of ‘The Orion’ Cinema which were above W.H.Smiths Newsagent. My Mum worked a few doors down from there in ‘The Golden Fleece’ wool shop before she moved to

Mark Rodrigues… I think it’s Havelock Road by the shape of the buildings. Though that no entry sign is obviously not there now.

Lloyd Johnson… Frank Brooks on the run from the Police! 1964 ..Frank 3 from right next to the car…I was in The Pamdor around the corner

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley…. Why are they running?

Lloyd Johnson… 1964 bank holiday weekend/ Mods&Rockers!..the town was rammed with kids having fun!…they flew Police in to Lydd Airport because they thought things were going to get out of hand. All a total over reaction by the authorities. I got fed up with being herded around the town so slipped away and spent the day in The Pamdor Coffee Bar above Hepworth’s the Tailors in Queens road.

Sheila Maile… Bodega, bars. Cambridge Road

Darren Holmes… Is that photo not taken from Robertson Street looking towards Cambridge Road?

Helena Kingshott… Or Havelock Road ? It’s been a long time

Mike Cramp…Ha ha. Some great wrong answers. Are we now all agreed. The photographer is standing on the memorial. We’re looking at the bottom of Havelock Road which was ‘no entry’ from the southern end even back then. The word BARS in the original photo is on the blank wall where the metal fire escape is now in the modern photo above. The Crypt was known as the Bodega Bars for many years and had/has entrances on Havelock and Cambridge Road. And as for all you grown up Mods on here, i hope you’re all extremely ashamed of yourselves !