Battle Of Hastings 1964 – 2002 Exhibition – Hastings Museum with Adam Faith by Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton….Not to be confused with that historic ‘quarell’ of 1066….The Battle of Hastings 1964, when Mods & Rockers clashed on the streets of Hastings and other seaside towns during the Bank Holidays of that eventful year, was commemorated in 2002 with an exhibition at Hastings museum in Cambridge Road, where they now have a retrospective collection dedicated to those events

Colin Norton….This is great! Thanks for posting.

and in 2007…


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Gunton… I remember this well. I was asked to provide the background music for the exhibition, not the music played on the video by the way. I didn’t realise it was this long ago! RIP Adam Faith, nice guy 🙂