Monterey Pop & The Cream films – ABC Cinema 10th March 1971



cream farewell


part press cutting supplied by Nigel Ford

Andy Qunta… Never mind Monterey Pop & Cream, what about Percy!

Colin Norton… Yes, I agree with Andy! What about Percy? Great fun, Kinks soundtrack!

Natasha Kaschevsky… Was just watching Monterey last Sunday!

Phil Gill… A 15 year old Roger Carey and a 14 year old me were there at the 7:30 showing, eyes wide open and completely mesmerised. We knew even then what we wanted to do in life.

Jan Warren… Love Jimi, Love Cream too!!…  but do you really want my opinion on PERCY?? – haha

Chris Meachen… I was there, probably with Roger Sleet…

Ralph Town… Anyone under 40 won,t know what Percy was about lol.

Alan King… Little known fact : – Beverley Martyn played the Monterey Pop Festival and was (sadly) booed off (I think the same applied to Judy Sill as well – though memory fading a bit on this one)