Mullett Smith Music, Norman Road St Leonards write up 1971

Supplied by Pete Fisher (from Beat Instrumental)

Mick O’Dowd… Bird’s Music in Bexhill was going strong then and was nowhere near 40 miles away!

Chris Meachen… I remember going there with Roger to buy his first bass… Always think about that shop when I pass by..

Phil Gill… Chris, Me too. They had a Ned Callan SG on the wall that I coveted. They knew I didn’t have the money to buy it, but they always took it down from the wall and let me play it.

Mullett Smith Music – Hastings Early 70’s & talk on Supertramp record shop.


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What memories do you have and what did you buy from them?

Jim Breeds…  I don’t remember either of those at all! Further long Robertson St. towards the seafront there was a place on the left called Supertramp. They sold records, posters, joss sticks,hippy bells, etc., etc., and loon pants if I remember correctly. smile emoticon I hope my brain hasn’t made that all up, lol. Who ran that and what do we know about it? It wasn’t you was it Alan?

Alan Esdaile… No nothing to do with me Jim but your right and it was called Supertramp. I’m pretty sure Mullett Smith was in the same building a few years earlier?

Phil Gill… I never actually bought anything off them. Just used to wander in and gawp at the guitars. Sometimes, they’d let me play one.

Jim Breeds…  If you mean as per the ads Alan, it says 34 which was closer to Geo. Halls than Supertramp was, I think.

Alan Esdaile… yes definitely in that block, just checked Cafe des Arts which is in the old Hall’s building and that is listed as 28-29.

Natassja Kaschevsky… I remember Mullett Smith’s shop. It became Supertramp later…….my dad had a shop at no 37 at the same time!

Jim Breeds… Wow. Thanks. I might have a Supertramp carrier bag somewhere with some other memorabilia I can’t find frown emoticon

Chris Meachen… Ahh, Mullett Smith, the well-known hairstyle & music shop…. I might still have something I purchased from there…

Terry Pack… I bought my first bass amp and cab from them in 1973, and a bass guitar. All Vox: a semi acoustic, a 50 watt, and a 2×15 cab.

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