Stevie Zee – 1998


supplied by Phil Little. Music Files.

Ralph Town… Nice bloke and an amazing player.I,d love to see him play again but alas,I’m marooned in the Midlands 🙁

Terry Pack… I played with him for six months (?) during 1999: Burnley Blues Festival, The Borderline and lots of gigs up north. Ended my stint at The Black Horse Festival. A good player, but a clone of Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was fun working with Chris Sharley and Jo Brookes, though.

Pete Shaw… Haha! The Bruce Forsythe of facial expressions whilst playing any chord that needed 4 fingers! Played with him many times with Colin Gibson extracting amazing bass soundscapes whilst Stevie explored the outer limits of string bending…played my first internet broadcast from a London Club where, I am certain, we were perched on a shelf in front of a Stevie Zee fan club venue…Colin and I would take a leisurely dinner in upmarket restaurants prior to gig…leaving Stevie Zee to pace the dressing cupboard until we returned!! Thoroughly enjoyable times!!