Who remembers buying piano music in Attwells 22 Grand Parade St Leonards?

Josie Lawson… I remember the address now too. It was my first transistor radio I bought there. I used to listen to radio Luxembourg on it at night, and I believe the pirate stations, I think I was 16 years then so was in the 60s. Thanks Alan for finding it…

Barry French… My mum played Piano & would pop in there for sheet music , & I’m sure I bought guitar strings from there. (These were made by Cathedral & were always breaking)

Fiona Evans… I do & clarinet reeds !

Mark Hardwick… Black Cat Pub and Grill.

Part exchange your piano for a radiogram or television in 1965.

Was this still called Attwells in 1909?

Roy Penfold… in 1911 the shop was Hermitages, listed as a pianoforte dealer with branches here, Robertson Street, Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells. (source 1911 Kellys)

supplied by Roy Penfold

Josie Lawson… I bought a transistor radio sponsored by my dad…It was called His Masters Voice

Matt Thomas… HMV


Who remembers Juke Box Jury?

photo © BBC

Geoff Peckham… Does anyone remember this? At the end, after David Jacobs had signed off, the camera would pan across the ‘jurors’ and their names would glide past the screen as each one was shown. Cleverly, regular Pete Murray would ‘notice’ his name in front of him and quizzically follow it as it went across the screen.

Roger Simmonds… Yep!

Nigel Goodman… Hit or miss !

Mike Quinn… I was on it.

Wendy Weaver… Never missed it.

Ernest Ballard… Wow cheers, I’d forgotten about this. Fab show

Steve Scholey… I was on it.

Angela Frances Gardner… Hit or Miss!

Jennie Tocock… Great show!! This one was my favourite, of course!

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I remember this well. They had a Beatles & I think, a Rolling Stones special at some point. TVS tried to copy the format with “Dad, You’re A Square”. One episode was recorded at White Rock Pavilion.

Flanko Fin Barr… yeah when i was a kid we did . me and my brother used to have a tape recorder and make out we are the panel playing it. .

Janet Brophy… WOW that takes me back

Dave Nattress… Absolutely!! We were all so starved of “pop music” back in those days it was an essential show. Was it early Saturday evening – about 5.30 – 6.00? David Jacobs was a really smooth presenter, I say this as an observation not a criticism. I suppose back then, BBC presenters and DJ’s tended to be this.

Lyn Humphrey… Always watched ‘Juke Box Jury’, with my parents, and sometimes even grandparents too.

SMART 51 Coffee Meet

New people welcome to join us

Mick O’Dowd… Remember. Post, copy, share and print-off and put down the sweetie shop! Also make a paper plane and spread the word. Let’s try & beat the 50th Meet turnout. (Unfortunately Alan’s not bribing us with canapes this time!)

Alan Esdaile… Ian Mantel has supplied us with a pile of rare promotional and white label cd’s, on behalf of and raising funds for St Michael’s Hospice. These will be available on the day and offers welcome. Here’s a sneak preview…

SMART 47 coffee meet report

Great start to the new year and one of our busiest meets so far. Among the newbies this time were Tony Court-Holmes and Cedric Paine. Tony had lots of memories of working at The Anchor and also chatting about when he worked in Prinny’s George Street and remembers it when it was The Sombrero Cafe. Cedric was chatting about Blind Faith and the Isle Of Wight Festival and had some interesting stories of when he was working with Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Paul Morfey had with him his vinyl collection of Claire Hamill LP’s and was talking about the Claire’s track You Take My Breath Away which was on The Voice last week. Mick O’Dowd arrived with some interesting Mod & Northern Soul cd’s. Barry French had with him the rare LP version of Grand Funk Shine On with the original cover in bi-visual 3-D and fun was had looking through the blue and red lensed glasses to view it. He also had his Status Quo ticket from when they appeared in Alexandra Park. John Busbridge had with him his photo album of cuttings and tickets and John Parnell had an old photo of his dad’s furniture shop in Norman Road. Sarah Harvey was talking about Hastings Rock meeting has just taken place and information will be available soon and Barry Taylor has confirmed he is putting together another Barefaced Music charity event later in the year for St Michaels Hospice. As expected lots of chat about the future of the pier and also the funny Mark Steel Radio 4 show on Hastings. Positive response to the changes at The White Rock Theatre with regard to the seating, what future now if any for HMV and lots of interest in the mods outside Dimarco’s photo from 1964. Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to chat to you but this is just a very small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Andre Martin… Great way to start the New Year aand to see so many old faces.

Mick O’Dowd… Nearly standing room only. Great Meet. Well done Alan. Where do you keep finding theses interesting people?

Caz Simpson… Thank you Alan for your warm welcome to the SMART meeting, we really enjoyed ourselves xx



John Miles – Congress Theatre Eastbourne – 21st March 1978

Jan Warren… Love the song Music! Found the single in a charity shop last week for 20p

Pete Fisher… saw him supporting Robin Trower that year – he did a grand job – great show!

Paul Morfey… Saw him at Reading fest. ’77 Great!! Thin lizzy were dancing in the moon light!!

Virginia Davis… Saw him at the Congress Eastbourne

Robert Searle… Still got Rebel album on vinyl

Alan Esdaile… So have I.

Iain Cobby… I was there at Eastbourne, was I with you Mr Davis or am I dreaming. I seem to recall overtaking Rod Hull in his RR on the marsh road in my little red mini,coming back to Hastings ……….. or was this a cruel dream?

Tony Davis… Cruel dream mate. I’ve never seen John Miles or your little red mini

Iain Cobby… That’s odd, wonder who it was then?, could have been Steve D. still you missed a really good gig. I remember the stage sets were excellent, and the band spot on. Music was my first love……………………

Tim Moose Bruce…. Was at the congress in 83 and 84 too

Mark Hudson… Listeniing to John Miles on R2 it reminded me I went to that concert at the Congress. I worked at the Burlington Hotel in Eastbourne and this was my first concert I ever went to. Interested to see The Stylistics and Candi Staton were playing at the Congress back in the day. How times have changed as I cannot imagine Eastbourne would get acts like that these days.

Alan King… he sang with Jimmy Page for a while, I did some stuff back in London at the same time with a Venezuelan bass player Durban Laverde (sp ?) who was on the same album/tour, Miller Anderson also worked with him in Germany for a while, nobody had a bad word to say about him

Paul Dallaway… He came to the Congress twice and i saw him live on both occasions. Superb under rated man.

Mark Little… I saw him, great player!!!

SMART 40 coffee meet report

photos by Sarah Harvey

Our 40th meet and among the newbies this time were Mandie B (Amanda Brooks), Len Benton and Alan King. Mandie was talking to Len about her new blues band ‘Undercover Agents’ and the history of Soul X Press. Barry French found an early Christmas Soul Party poster, in memory of Andy Ashmore, at the Yelton Hotel in 1996 . He was showing Cliff Wootton his early sheet music of Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley, Hot Love T Rex, Cumberland Gap Lonnie Donegan and Winchester Cathedral by The New Vaudeville Band. Len had with him the very first Soul X Press photos with Russell Field on saxophone. Photos to be posted in the next few days.  Mick O’Dowd arrived with the TV series of The Grimleys on DVD which featured Alvin Stardust and Noddy Holder.  Pete Prescott had books of Soul Sacrifice The Santana Story, Home Before Daylight My Life on the Road with Grateful Dead and Bermondsey Boy Tommy Steele. Alan King was talking about the success of The Prisonaires gigs and John Petri and Phil Gill were discussing how they started in bands and how annoyed they are by getting rid of their early guitars. Tim McDonald was talking about his mint copies of The Beatles LP’s, Sarah Harvey was talking about the excellent show of Steeleye Span in Hastings and review coming shortly.  Wendy & Graham Weaver arrived with their lovely dog, who was happy to be pampered during the whole meeting. Pete Millington was reminiscing with Len, Laurie Cooksey was catching up with Clive Richardson,  Nigel Ford was remembering the dances at Battle and Andre Martin and Sarah Ferguson were remembering gigs and how things have changed. While Carole and Ann were talking about Christmas shopping!  Sorry for anyone I missed. This is just a small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Pete Prescott… I saw Len there but didn’t see Mandy. Specsavers here I come!

Pete Millington… I didn’t get the chance to say Hi as you were deep in conversation from the moment you arrived to the time I left. Ah, I know! you were checking out the song words to increase your chances of getting chocks!

Jan Warren… I can see a photo of Fusion Orchestra on SMART mag, issue 40. December 2017!! – is this a magazine? and where can I get this Issue from?? – I’ve always been a true fan of Fusion Orchestra and the amazing Jill Saward, who I was lucky to meet and chat with in September of this year at a Shakatak gig in Eastbourne, I took along all my Fusion Orchestra souvenirs, of which she was absolutely thrilled to see!! so could you please tell me if I could get the issue of this magazine? thank you!! – also, I would have loved to have seen Mandie B. again, we were quite good friends years ago, but have lost touch, she was great fun!! ………… yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I really need to get to your meetings and I’m sorry I haven’t made it yet, I know I would love it and yes, I have some interesting stuff to share, its just that I’ve been very reclusive for many years and find it difficult to leave my “comfort zone”, but please bear with me, I will get to you one day, I must!! – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at this wonderful SMART group, and Thank You!!

Mick O’Dowd… No Jan. It’s a thing that’s given out at each Meet and contains info on what went on at the previous Meet and other snippets. Nothing in depth. I’m sure if you contact Alan via SMART he could send you one. You’ll always welcome to attend and then you’d get one straight of the press! A great Meet Alan. One of the best. Interestings chats with Len, Clive Richardson & Pete Millington & Sarah Harvey.

Jim Breeds… Sorry we didn’t make it. We were up to our necks in removal boxes that needed unpacking and rooms sorted ready for my daughter’s arrival for the weekend. Hope to be there next time.

Andy Qunta… Great photos!

Steve Cooke… The Grimleys. Was great seeing Noddy acting. Bring back Miss Titley. (before she was famous!)

Amanda Brooks… Great meeting on Fri. Thank you ! Xx




The Hastings Flyer – gig guide and events listing for Hastings


New gig guide and events website for Hastings. http://www.hastingsflyer.com

Andre Martin… Wrong Loco – it should be a Southern Schools Class Locomotive from the old West St Leonards Depot !

Paul Huggett… Very much needed, if lackadaisical venue managers can be arsed with providing the info. “Live music every Friday” is not good enough!

Happy Christmas and very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2017


Painting by Derek Esdaile

We are nearly at that time again. It has been a very difficult year with the loss of some special friends and family and a number of people we didn’t know personally but played a major part and still do in our love of music. It is a sad time for many but I hope some of the postings keep the happy memories alive. Thanks to everyone for the amazing support but we always need more photos and cuttings and new people to keep the page interesting. Very best wishes for Christmas and The New Year.

Dave Nattress… Thanks Alan. Wonderful site. For so long I tried to go back in time and re-discover, remember, recall, so much of the local music scene, a lot centred around the pier and the hundreds of bands that played there. It seemed like every Saturday night us in the Bexhill lot would trek to the pier to see the bands – and indeed we saw many, but it’s amazing how many we missed and so many I just did not recall had played there. Best wishes Alan and all and lets keep the memories flowing. I’ve copied into a folder all the band gig posters that are put on the site. Fabulous memories.

Chris Sambrook… it’s been a bad year for you Alan. I miss my parents at this time of the year. They were great, i’ll never forget my Mum saying Hendrix made the guitar sing on the LULU show and my Dad saying he makes a bloody racket more like, bless him. Have a fair enough Christmas my friend.

Jim Breeds… Seasons greetings to you Alan. Onwards and upwards in 2017. Thanks for all you do on this group. Great painting, by the way. Love it.

Eric Harmer… Hope to catch up more in the new year mate 👍

Kevin Sherwood… Always enjoyable looking back through your posts. A very happy Christmas to all.

Mick O’Dowd… Happy Christmas Alan. Thanx for another great year of SMART. Let’s hope you have a better year personally.

Chris Jolly…. Great to meet you earlier this year Alan! See you soon in 2017.  What a super picture Alan, It’s beautiful.

Phil Little… Thanks for all you do, Alan, Happy Christmas.

Wendy Weaver… We really enjoy our SMART get togethers and look forward to more of the same in 2017. Happy Christmas to all. Wendy and Graham.

Teresa Bassett… Thanks Alan. Really enjoy the posts in this group-even if I am many miles away in Cleethorpes and only visit Hastings occasionally . I confess to sharing a lot of posts to Gy, Clee Punk Scene and they go down well !! Merry Christmas to you all.

Andy Qunta… Same to you, Alan, and thanks for all the things you do! 🙂

John Wilde… Merry Christmas to You Alan. Thank you for your tireless work on bringing local musicians and music lovers together. I am happy to be a part of some of those memories. And big heads up to fellow musos and fans of our rich history. Keep on keeping on. Much love from Seattle by way of The Zoobies, Stallion, The Breathers and Expandis. Happy New Year.

Sarah Harvey… Thanks you Alan for all you have done to reunite so many people locally….I personally have found some long lost friends through SMART, so you are a real star in my eyes. My love to all who are connected with SMART in some way, you have all enriched my life so much. Big slobbery kisses to you all xxxx 🙂

Colin Norton… Hi Alan, Thanks for all you are doing for SMART! Here’s wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Iain Cobby… Hey Alan, Merry Christmas and a better new year, my old friend. Thank you for all you have done over the years. You are our anchor and glue all our memories into a vast scrapbook that brings all our lives back in time, we were all younger then and didn’t know that they were to be the best years of our lives. keep on rocking!

Colin Bell… In a difficult year you have brought many people together who perhaps wouldn’t have and put a smile on peoples faces. After being friends for getting on half a century! What can i say but have a Happy and healthy Christmas mate and long live the ‘ballroom all-stars’ lol!

Josie Lawson… Very pleased I joined your group. Happy Christmas and hope you all have a good New Year….

Jan Warren… Yes, I’m very pleased I joined this group too!! – I love all the memories and nostalgia we share!! – Thanks Alan and thanks to everyone involved in this group – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all 🙂 

Tony Qunta… Happy Christmas to you too Alan! All the very best wishes for the New Year! See you in 2017. 

Pauline Sims… Great card 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Great pic, Alan. Wishing you love and peace for the end of 2016 and much happiness in 2017 xxx

Kevin Burchett and Scalliwags… wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year xx

Jeanette Jones… What a lovely card. Thanks Ez, for everything you do. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too xxx

Virginia Davis… Merry Christmas to you also.

Eric Cawthraw… Merry Christmas Alan and to all at SMART, all the best and every happiness for 2017. A bit of peace on earth would be novel.

Kevin Carleonis… Wishing all SMART members a very happy and special Yule and may 2017 bring each and every one of you health, happiness and plenty but remember my motto – ‘For Need, Not For Greed’. And finally the man himself Alan / Johnny who has brought all of you together. A sincere and lovely man who I wish all things good for. I still think he should do an on line music show originally called ‘The Mason’s Music Show’!