Who remembers buying piano music in Attwells 22 Grand Parade St Leonards?

Josie Lawson… I remember the address now too. It was my first transistor radio I bought there. I used to listen to radio Luxembourg on it at night, and I believe the pirate stations, I think I was 16 years then so was in the 60s. Thanks Alan for finding it…

Barry French… My mum played Piano & would pop in there for sheet music , & I’m sure I bought guitar strings from there. (These were made by Cathedral & were always breaking)

Fiona Evans… I do & clarinet reeds !

Mark Hardwick… Black Cat Pub and Grill.

Part exchange your piano for a radiogram or television in 1965.

Was this still called Attwells in 1909?

Roy Penfold… in 1911 the shop was Hermitages, listed as a pianoforte dealer with branches here, Robertson Street, Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells. (source 1911 Kellys)

supplied by Roy Penfold

Josie Lawson… I bought a transistor radio sponsored by my dad…It was called His Masters Voice

Matt Thomas… HMV

Kasa… I live in Hastings, and own an old PYE Valve Radio with an Attwells stamp on the side of it, So i started researching and there ain’t a lot i could find! Great to see those old ads too.


SMART coffee meet no.61 report

A packed room for our 61st SMART coffee meet. Among the newbies this time were Roger Ferris, Ray Barry, John, Robin and Caroline Hayter, Paul Coleman, Tony Powell and others!!  Roger plays with popular blues jazz duo Smokestack. He had some wonderful stories to tell including when he was second engineer on The Beatles album Let It Be at Abbey Road Studios and Phil Spector gave everyone a present at the end of the recording and he got 200 Benson & Hedges! He also wrote songs for Arrows, Racey, Smokie and others and has Joe Meek’s 1963 Framus Star Bass guitar. Ray was in conversation with Eric Harmer and Dave Boutwood talking about the old town in the 50’s and the fishing community and also memories of Priory Road School. John had happy memories of The Witch Doctor, Robin was talking about the success of his recent film ‘Polo’s Dream’ which was recently shown at St Mary In The Castle Hastings Rocks film festival. Also the many films and tv series he has appeared in over the years and Caroline had happy memories of seeing The Rolling Stones on Hastings Pier. Paul was chatting about The Kult  and Unabridged Telephone Directory, and Tony who was manager of The Witch Doctor from 1964 to 1967 came along with lots of interesting photos, including a photo of him standing in front of The Who poster 1965, ‘I know’ The Witch Doctor flyer, photo of his group Texans, Stonefield Road bike mob and many more. Mo have Level 42 tickets from 1983 and more rare collection of DJ business cards including Sight & Sound Roadshow, The Golden Hind Roadshow, Al Cohol Disco, The Mik Kasey Soundshow, Domino Disco, Colin’s Pick a Disc Roadshow, D.C./Southern Sounds, The D.C. Discotheque, Second City Disco, Silver Sound, Johnny Francis roadshow.  Dave Jenkins had an great book called ‘Liverpool Music Roots memorabilia collection of Bob Wooler. Monica Bane had memories of The Rhythm Aces, 2 piece who played on Winkle Island on carnival days in the 1950’s. They were Arthur and Gordon Miles who run the lawnmower shop in George Street. Arthur played the piano and Gordon played the accordion and magic saw. (Anyone got any photos).  Rod Evans had a photo album of the many groups he has sung with and also a very early photo of The Swan Minstrels which featured him and others from Clive Vale Secondary Modern School, Githa Road. Merv Kennard  has found another business card from Terry James Arrow Fm as well as keyrings. Dave Muriel had some more publicity photos from his book and more details on the Hastings Art School and Mick Knight was talking about his ABC Acoustic Blues Club at The Jenny Lind. Nan was talking about albums that you buy just for the sleeve. Pete Prescott was reminding people that the Ray Fenwick tribute is on Wed 3rd August.  Too many other people to mention.  Thank you for your support and pleased to say the website had 12477 hits in June. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add and if I reported anything wrong then please advise.

Monica Bane… Enjoy this get together today. Thanks Alan. Monica x

Stephen Moran… I’m really sorry I couldn’t get to todays SMART coffee meet Alan, I look forward to reading your report.

Ray Barry… My first time made to feel very welcome , I’m not a musician ,I went for the retro talk and meet up with musicians, and some of these guys went to Priory Road, some before me, some after me, a great 3 hrs of reminiscing. My thanks to Colin Tapp who I went along with. Look forward to the next meet .

Lucy Pappas… Great meet-up today, Al. Thanks for organising it all x

Wendy & Graham Weaver… We didn’t sign in Alan. Every time you brought the list over you got called away😄. Nice to see so many people.

Mick O’Dowd… What a Meet! At first it looked as if no-one was coming and then it seemed as though a coach pulled up outside and there was a tsunami of people! Great to see so many newbies there. Some very interesting chats with several people who I haven’t really chatted to before. Thanks Alan you did us proud again! Bet your hands were sore after all that scribbling of notes you were engaged in. Get a dictaphone maybe!

Geoff Peckham… No, Mick. I’m sure his hands are perfectly adequate…. A most enjoyable afternoon. Thanks again, Alan. x

Cris and Merv Kennard… Might have to take over the theatre at this rate.

Mick O’Dowd… What an interesting guy that Roger Ferris is! I think the only thing he was not involved in was the invention of The Ferris Wheel, but then again he has only been to the Meet once so maybe this is for afters. Really nice guy.

Tony Davis… Sorry to miss it.

John Miles R.I.P.

more informationhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-59553438

Martin Stringer… Sad news.

Ian Luck… Very sad RIP

Barry Upton… Great singer so sad


Matt Thomas… Music’ is my funeral song

Pete Prescott… Very sad.x

Stewart Grimes… So sad, such a great all round musician, seen him live several times!

Robert Searle… RIP Great musician

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Great musician and was in Tina Turner’s band for awhile. What a brilliant song ‘Music’ is

Gerry Fortsch… So sad.

Alan Pepper… Another sad loss. Classic track from 1976 one of my favorites and was singing along to it earlier today on Gold FM while driving home from Christmas shopping !

Monica Bane… Very sad another good singer. Gone!

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace John miles thanks for the music my condolences to his family and friends.

Peter Houghton… So sorry to hear this RIP John Loved your early work and saw you when you was with Tina Turner

Jan Warren… “Music” was a great song, R.I.P. John Miles xx

David Broome… Alan Parsons produced the song (Music) and John went on to sing on a couple of Alan Parsons project tracks including the fantastic song ‘La Sagrada Familia’

Jacquie Hinves… No, no, no . I can’t believe this . He can’t be gone . I lived and loved his music . Kevin would have been so sad

Chris Howard… Sorry to hear this very sad news, Last time I saw John perform was with Tina Turner at Wembley. R.I.P. John a great musician.

Colin Norton… RIP John.

Clare Bennett… I really like him

Colin Fox… Saw him twice in Eastbourne. great guitarist and keyboard player.

Mike Raxworthy… Sad news – knew him well during my time working with Orange…. Cliff Cooper was his manager. Really talented bloke and nice with it. RIP John.

Malcolm Sharpe… In this time of trouble the music gets me through R I P

Peter Brazier… R.I.P. John

John Harper… Yet another icon sadly passed away. Saw him live several times. R.I.P.

Iain Cobby… Oh no…… Saw him and his band in Eastbourne all those many years ago , great show , great band. Music was, and still is , my first love. Thank you for the music John , classic.

Paul Morfey… I saw him at Reading festival ’77


SMART Coffee Meet 56 – We’re Back!

Very pleased to say We’re Back! Hope you are all doing OK and keeping well. Our last meeting was back in February 2020 and looking forward to catching up with old friends and new on Friday 3rd Sept at The White Rock Hotel. A big thank you to everyone for keeping the website and facebook page going during these difficult times. Best Regards  Alan

Keeping the memories alive…

Pete Houghton… Great to back

Andy Qunta… Excellent news!

Mick O’Dowd… It was the 3rd of September. A date i’ll always remember…….

Pete Prescott… Looking forward to it!

Wendy Weaver… At last. Normality

Colin Norton… I hope that you guys have a great time and I really wish that I could join you!

Andy Qunta… Colin, what you said! Me too!

Kev Towner… Can you do it on Zoom? LOL

Stephen Moran… Thanks Alan I look forward to seeing you this afternoon.


Looking for more photos and cuttings.

Stuck at home, time to dig out those old photo albums, cuttings in the loft etc. that would be of interest to our members. Especially music related items from the Hastings area. One photo can cheer up hundreds of people and help to bring back those happy memories. Please email over, with as much detail as possible. Thank you.

John Miles – Congress Theatre Eastbourne – 21st March 1978

Jan Warren… Love the song Music! Found the single in a charity shop last week for 20p

Pete Fisher… saw him supporting Robin Trower that year – he did a grand job – great show!

Paul Morfey… Saw him at Reading fest. ’77 Great!! Thin lizzy were dancing in the moon light!!

Virginia Davis… Saw him at the Congress Eastbourne

Robert Searle… Still got Rebel album on vinyl

Alan Esdaile… So have I.

Iain Cobby… I was there at Eastbourne, was I with you Mr Davis or am I dreaming. I seem to recall overtaking Rod Hull in his RR on the marsh road in my little red mini,coming back to Hastings ……….. or was this a cruel dream?

Tony Davis… Cruel dream mate. I’ve never seen John Miles or your little red mini

Iain Cobby… That’s odd, wonder who it was then?, could have been Steve D. still you missed a really good gig. I remember the stage sets were excellent, and the band spot on. Music was my first love……………………

Tim Moose Bruce…. Was at the congress in 83 and 84 too

Mark Hudson… Listeniing to John Miles on R2 it reminded me I went to that concert at the Congress. I worked at the Burlington Hotel in Eastbourne and this was my first concert I ever went to. Interested to see The Stylistics and Candi Staton were playing at the Congress back in the day. How times have changed as I cannot imagine Eastbourne would get acts like that these days.

Alan King… he sang with Jimmy Page for a while, I did some stuff back in London at the same time with a Venezuelan bass player Durban Laverde (sp ?) who was on the same album/tour, Miller Anderson also worked with him in Germany for a while, nobody had a bad word to say about him

Paul Dallaway… He came to the Congress twice and i saw him live on both occasions. Superb under rated man.

Mark Little… I saw him, great player!!!

Colin Fox… I went to see that show. Can’t believe it was 1978. Time flies as they say.

Andy Qunta…Supported by John Cougar Mellencamp? Wow!

Who remembers Juke Box Jury?

photo © BBC

Geoff Peckham… Does anyone remember this? At the end, after David Jacobs had signed off, the camera would pan across the ‘jurors’ and their names would glide past the screen as each one was shown. Cleverly, regular Pete Murray would ‘notice’ his name in front of him and quizzically follow it as it went across the screen.

Roger Simmonds… Yep!

Nigel Goodman… Hit or miss !

Mike Quinn… I was on it.

Wendy Weaver… Never missed it.

Ernest Ballard… Wow cheers, I’d forgotten about this. Fab show

Steve Scholey… I was on it.

Angela Frances Gardner… Hit or Miss!

Jennie Tocock… Great show!! This one was my favourite, of course!

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I remember this well. They had a Beatles & I think, a Rolling Stones special at some point. TVS tried to copy the format with “Dad, You’re A Square”. One episode was recorded at White Rock Pavilion.

Flanko Fin Barr… yeah when i was a kid we did . me and my brother used to have a tape recorder and make out we are the panel playing it. .

Janet Brophy… WOW that takes me back

Dave Nattress… Absolutely!! We were all so starved of “pop music” back in those days it was an essential show. Was it early Saturday evening – about 5.30 – 6.00? David Jacobs was a really smooth presenter, I say this as an observation not a criticism. I suppose back then, BBC presenters and DJ’s tended to be this.

Lyn Humphrey… Always watched ‘Juke Box Jury’, with my parents, and sometimes even grandparents too.